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Lab Services




 Fluids Laboratory of hospital lab services(HLS)


Fluids Laboratory of hospital lab services(HLS) is situated in Rno.28, Ground floor, OPD block of GTBH.


Samples Received:

  • It does analysis on following samples
  • Urine routine & microscopy(R/M)
  • Urine multistix testing
  • Semen Analysis
  • Cerebrospinal fluid examination
  • Pleural fluid examination
  • Ascitic fluid examination
  • Synovial fluid examination


Urine for R/M sample OPD, Ward and Casualty are received from:

Mon- Friday: 8.30AM-12.30PM.

Saturday : 8.30AM-11.00AM.


Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural, Ascitic, Synovial, Pericardial etc) are received from:

Mon-Friday: 9.00AM-3.00PM

Saturday: 9.00AM- 11.00AM.              

(Minimum Half an hour sample processing time required before    reporting results for last sample received at 3.00PM)


Semen analysis is done Mon-Fri with prior appointment date and instructions. Saturday only patients of repeat samples will be taken.


All samples will be received in Room No. 28, ground floor OPD block As per above schedule.


Report retrieval:

      All samples are reported on the same day by doctors on duty.


OPD reports

Reports of OPD samples are sent manually to nurses of respective  OPD’s and distributed by them to patient’s on concerned  Doctors  next OPD day(as printed on registration form)                                     

Ward reports

These are dispatched manually to respective wards same day by 3.00PM or next morning and can be collected from R.no 28 if urgent or duplicate if lost/ not received (on doctors/nurses request)

Availability Of Doctor’s (Pathologist)

Doctors on duty are available in R.no.28 on all working days.

Mon-Fri: 9.00AM-3.00PM.

Saturday: 9.00AM-12.00PM.

Departmental Organization Chart


  • Incharge :   Dr. Nirupma .P. Khan (MBBS, MD)

Specialist Grade I , Pathologist.(CHS)

Rno.517, HLS, Department of Pathology

Telp no.011-22586262 extn.2579.

Email: nirupmapkhan@gmail.com


  • Doctors on duty:                  Two(One SR One PG)
  • Technologist :                      Five
  • Lab Attendant :                    Two



Blood Collection Centre , Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, GNCT is a centralized service for collecting Blood samples of outdoor patients visiting us.

It is an air conditioned blood sampling unit catering to OPD services taking samples for Haematology, Biochemistry and Microbiology serology Lab, Blood Bank.

We provide computerized Bar coded registration and sampling for Lab Tests


   9.00AM – 12.00 PM Monday – Friday till 1.00PM/ last registered patient.    

   9.00AM – 11.00 AM            Saturday till 11.30AM/ last registered patient.



We are in OPD Block,  near Gate no. 08, GTBH

         Ground Floor Room no.18 , testing Females

          First Floor Room no. 118 , testing Males and children <12yrs


The Following Tests samples are collected :-

·        Haemogram

·        Peripheral Smear with haemogram

·        ESR

·        AEC

·        Haemogram, peripheral smear with reticulocyte count

·        Blood sugar random or Fasting/ Post parandial or GCT or GTT

·        Liver function tests

·        Kidney function tests

·        Lipid Profile

·        Bone profile tests

·        Thyroid function tests

·        Serum Prolactin

·        Serum FSH

·        Serum LH

·        RA factor

·        CRP

·        Blood culture

·        VDRL

·        HBsAg

·        HCV

·        ICT

·        Blood grouping



Officer Incharge : Dr. Nirupma P. Khan, Senior Specialist Pathologist, CHS    

                                                                   Telp. No.  22586262  extn. 2579



It works for the welfare of staff of GTBH. It collects their blood samples and gives them report same day for their fast recovery.


 It has Computerised Bar code sample registration and report dispersal.


It is in Room no. 511, First Floor, Hospital Laboratory Services. Nearest entry from CSSD (central sterilization and sanitation department)  


Timings are:-

9.00AM – 12.00 PM Monday – Friday till 1.00PM/ last registered patient.    

   9.00AM – 11.00 AM            Saturday till 11.30AM/ last registered patient.



 The Following blood samples are collected :-

  1.   Haemogram 
  2.  Peripheral Smear with haemogram
  3.  ESR
  4. AEC
  5. Haemogram, peripheral smear with reticulocyte count
  6. Blood sugar random or Fasting/ Post parandial or GCT or GTT
  7. Liver function tests
  8. Kidney function tests
  9. Lipid Profile
  10. Bone profile tests
  11. Thyroid Function Tests
  12. Serum Prolactin
  13. Serum FSH
  14. Serum LH
  15. RA factor
  16. CRP
  17. Blood culture
  18. VDRL
  19. HBsAg
  20. HCV
  21. ICT
  22. Blood grouping                                                           


 Laboratory tests done :  Haemogram, ESR analysis, Coagulation profile for Sick


Officer Incharge:  Dr. Nirupma P. Khan, Senior Specialist Pathologist, CHS,

                                                        Telp no. 22586262, extn. 2579.


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