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1.Boiler No.: 
2.Name & Address of the Establishment : 
3.Expiry Date of the certificate: 
4.Heating Surface of the Boiler: 
5.Amount of the fee deposited: 
6.Treasury Challan No. & Date: 
7.Specific Requirement/Request: 

(Signature of the Owner)
Fees for inspection for renewal of certificate of boilers shall be calculated on the basis of rating and shall be levied in accordance with the following scales, namely :-

For boiler rating exceeding 10 Square metresRs.500.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 10 but not exceeding 30 Square metres Rs.600.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 30 but not exceeding 50 Square metresRs.700.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 50 but not exceeding 70 Square metres Rs.800.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 70 but not exceeding 90 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 90 but not exceeding 110 Square metres Rs.1000.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 110 but not exceeding 200 Square metresRs.1100.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 200 but not exceeding 400 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 400 but not exceeding 600 Square metres Rs.1600.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 600 but not exceeding 800 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 800 but not exceeding 1000 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 1000 but not exceeding 1200 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 1200 but not exceeding 1400 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 1400 but not exceeding 1600 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 1600 but not exceeding 1800 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 1800 but not exceeding 2000 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 2000 but not exceeding 2200 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 2200 but not exceeding 2400 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 2400 but not exceeding 2600 Square metres
For boiler rating exceeding 2600 but not exceeding 2800 Square metres Rs.5200.00/-
For boiler rating exceeding 2800 but not exceeding 3000 Square metres Rs.5600.00/-

Above 3000 Square Metres for every 200 Square Metres or part thereof, an additional fee of Rs. 200/- shall be charged. Fee for ordinary inspection of Small Industrial Boiler shall be two hundred rupees.

Provided that where any owner is willing to accept a renewed certificate for less than twelve months, in order to approximate the date of annual inspection to the date on which other boilers in the locality are inspected, a certificate for such period less than twelve months, as may be necessary for such approximation of dates, may be granted at a reduced fee to be calculated at one - twelfth of the ordinary fee for each full month, portion of a month not being reckoned.

Fee for examination of steam, feed and blow off pipes under fabrication shall be charged in accordance with the following scales, namely :-

(a)For pipes not exceeding 114.3 mm. O.D. (4.5" O.D.).
 (1)Upto 30 metres in length, a fee of Rs. 300/- and
 (2)For every additional length of 30 metres or parts thereof, a fee of Rs. 100/- 
(b) For pipes exceeding 114.3 mm. O.D. (4.5" O.D.).
 (1)Upto 30 meters in length, a fee of Rs. 500/- and
 (2)For every additional length of 30 metres or parts thereof, a fee of Rs. 150/-

The fee for examination of plans of steam, feed and blow off pipes required shall be at the rate of Rs. 100/-  per 30 meters of all fittings, excepting fittings like de-superheaters steam receivers, feed heaters and separately fired superheaters. For any fittings like de-superheaters, steam receivers and separators, the fee shall be Rs. 500/- each such fittings.


The fees for examination of Boiler Mountings and Fittings shall be charged as per IBR-1950. 

Provided that the chief Inspector may require the manufacture or the fabricator to pay fresh fees equal to usual inspection fees in any particular case where due to his fault or neglect, the visit paid by any inspector for examination was fruitless. 

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