Guidelines for Empanelment of Newspapers / Journals

Rate Contract:
All empanelled newspapers/ journals shall be given the rate contract as approved by DAVP for the same year.

Rate contract will be valid for a particular circulation and for period of three years until changed in the DAVP web-site. DIP shall accept circulation figures as given in the DAVP web-site.
Release Order:
No newspaper will publish any advertisement at adopted DAVP rate - classified or display - without receipt of the relevant Release Order and DIP's number, failing which the verification of their bills will not be done by the DIP. DIP issues both electronic and manual Release Order, as the case may be. DIP's electronic RO will be issued through its web-site:

No media - print, radio, TV, outdoor or internet - shall publish or air Delhi government's advertisement at adopted DAVP's rate without valid Release Order and DIP's number released in its name by the DIP.
In case of newspaper, the applicant should have published the newspaper on at least 25 days in each month during preceding 12 months. Weekly newspaper should have published minimum of 46 issues during the preceding year.

In case of journals, DIP shall consider four categories of journals for empanelment such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly. In case of weekly magazine it should have published 46 issues during the preceding year; in case of fortnightly journals it should have published at least 23 issues during the preceding year; in case of monthly journal it should have published at least 11 issues during the preceding year; in case of quarterly it should have published at least 11 issues during the preceding three years of the date of application.

The newspapers/ journals should have a minimum paid circulation of not less than 6001 copies for being considered eligible for empanelment. The language eligibility for empanelment shall be in Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi or any other language cleared as such by a cabinet decision of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

The empanelment already done by the High Powered Committee of the DIP prior to the issue of this guideline will remain valid till December 2008 from the date of publishing of these guidelines and they shall have to get it renewed through proper procedure once the said period is over. Guidelines for renewal shall be the same as that of new application, except for clause 1 in the criteria for
empanelment. The validity period of freshly empanelled newspapers/ journals done after the issue of these guideline shall be three years from the date of empanelment.

DIP reserves the right to have the figures of circulation checked through its representatives randomly from time to time.

Suspension and Recovery:
The newspaper will be suspended from empanelment by the PAC with immediate effect if;
A) It is found to have deliberately submits false information regarding circulation.
B) Found to have discontinued the publication, change its periodicity or its title or have become irregular or changes its premises/ press without due intimation; or
C) Indulge in un-ethical practices or anti-national activities as found by the Press Council of India.
D) Convicted by the court of law for such activities.
E) Refuses to accept and carry the advertisements issued by DIP on behalf of its own or in behalf of the Departments/ PSUs/ Corporations of Govt. of NCT of Delhi on more than three occasions in a year.
In such above cases newspapers/ journals will remain suspended for a period up-to twelve months. DIP will affect recovery for any payment made in the past from the publisher, in case of (a) and (b) above. The publisher should deposit within 60 days from the date of issue of demand letter for recovery by DIP following which newspaper/ journal will be discontinued with immediate effect without any further notice and recovery will be realized from the bills/ payments pending with DIP, if any. Till the recovery is made, no advertisement will be issued to such newspaper/ journal.
Provided that DIP shall not issue any order of suspension without giving reasonable opportunity to the concerned newspaper/ journal in case E above.
Documents Required for Empanelment with DIP:
1. Copy of certified copy of RNI registration certificate.
2. Evidence for circulation (Charted Accountant Certificate/ Cost Accounted Certificate/ statutory certificate, ABC certificate, as applicable).
3. Copy of annual return submitted to RNI.
4. A newspaper/ journal should furnish copies of issues of the first one month along with the issues of the 9 th month and the 17 th month of their publication and weeklies and fortnightly must furnish issues of preceding six months and monthlies should furnish latest 12 months issues. Where Minimum criterion is six months, then specimen copies to be submitted for latest 3 months for dailies and for al others, all issues in the last 6 months.
5. Three copies of rate card, photocopy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Department of Income Tax.

(Uday Sahay)

No.F.16()/Advt/DIP/2007-08/ Dated :
Copy forwarded for information to the:
1. All Pr. Secretaries/ Secretaries/ Secretary to L.G., Delhi / Heads of Departments, Government of NCT of Delhi .
2. All Heads of Local Bodies/ Autonomous Bodies under Government of NCT of Delhi .
3. All Secretaries to Ministers, Govt. of NCT of Delhi .
4. PS to Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Delhi .
5. PS to Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India .
6. All Deputy Commissioners, Govt. of NCT of Delhi .
7. Guard File.

(Uday Sahay)

Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia
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