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e-newsletter Vol. IV Homoeopathic Pulse


Quarterly e-newsletter of Homeopathic wing 
    Directorate of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Volume: IV
Editorial Board :

1. Dr. V.K. Gupta, Padma Shri Awardee, National Advisor , Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians, Delhi
2. Dr. C. Nayak, Former Director General , Central Council of Research in Homeopathy, Delhi
3. Dr. Eswara Das, Former Director, National Institute of Homeopathy, Kolkata
4. Dr. V. K. Khanna, Former Principal Nehru Homeopathic Medical College, Delhi
5. Dr. R.K . Manchanda , Director General , Central Council of Research in Homeopathy

Patron :

Sh. Sanjay Gihar, Director, Directorate of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Editor in Chief :

Dr. Surender Verma, Deputy Director (Homeopathy) , Directorate of AYUSH Govt. of NCT of Delhi

E-Journal Committee :

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From Editor's Desk :

I have already begin to wish that we had more space in E-Newsletter so that we could use more of the articles that Homoeopaths/Teaching Faculty/Medical Practitioner/ Readers from all over the country have been sending to us.

I am glad that E-newsletter has fired the imagination of a large number of people and that we have your active participation in our scientific features as well as quizs. We have all along conceived E-Newsletter as Readers participation and though we are only in Fourth Edition of E-Newsletter, we get quite a lot suggestion from Readers every day. My colleagues in Editorial Board and E-Journal Committee derive very special pleasure from going through these suggestions as it underlines Readers involvement in the E-newsletter.

I would like to guide those of you who send in material for publication/inclusion in E-Newsletter. Before you put pen to paper, do make sure that you have read the E-newsletter carefully so that you have a “feel” of the kind of material we include in E-Newsletter. This is important because what might be a good article for one magazine may not be so for another. So do make and efforts to know our editorial style and choice of subject/topics. We take a grade amount of here in selecting material for publication and only the best make it to E-Newsletter. A basic criteria is that it should be original, informative and should add to the awareness of the readers.

Our main motto is “Evidence Based Homoeopathy” and our goal is to make this E-Newsletter at par with other international E-Journals keeping the highest standard.

Finally I would like to say a heartful “Thank You” to all of you for your encouraging words to me about E-newsletter. All of us here will work determinally to give you a richer E-newsletter every quarter. In order to subscribe to our newsletter please click here to register.
We hope you enjoy this volume of Homeopathic Pulse even more than the previous one. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions with us anytime on email id given below.


Dr. Surender Verma, MD(Hom)
                Editor in Chief

Letters to the Editor:

The e-newsletter is full of information pertaining to latest events, upcoming seminars , case discussions, book review,entertainment section & much more. My heartiest congratulations and good wishes to the whole team for their superb efforts and the amount of hard work they have put in.With every edition the e-newsletter is becoming better n better.

The commencement of the newsletters with the beautiful poem in Hindi invokes motivation & keeps your spirits high. Good luck for future.


Dr.Shuchismita Vasishtha

Congratulation to the whole team for the effort & teamwork in bringing the three editions of Homeopathic pulse. 3rd edition of Homeopathic pulse starts with a beautiful poem of title \'Sustain \' This aptly apply to e newsletter as it is touching the new horizon with each edition . It is not only informative regarding national & international news but also each section is full of knowledge. It is also giving the insight about the research activity going in homeopathic field . Crossword make one look for the keynote of the medicine.


Dr. Vinita Goel

It is an immense pleasure to go through the latest edition of e- news letter. The information shared in different sections shall prove helpful for the professionals. It is nice to get referrals for various clinical conditions at one place and various points which we normally to consider while approaching our patients. I wish the whole intelligent, senior capable team of the general for serving the system.

Dr.Ashok sharma

Third edition of e-journal has come up very well.All the sections have been explained elaborately and vivedly .I think everybody has put in best of their efforts .we come to know about latest news and upcoming events. My good wishes to e-journal team

Dr Promila Malhotra

Dear Reader,
       Utilizing this opportunity I would like to thanks the Homoeopathy Dept., of Delhi Govt. for their consistent service in most humane way. They have most capable team of doctors who work with all dedication.

I am Abhishek, from Patna, currently living in Ber Sarai, Delhi since May 2013. I am suffering from allergy from cold, since 2007. Initially, I took allopathy medicines, which helped me a lot and my problem got suppressed very fast. But, within few months, it reverted back with severe conditions. This time, even allopathy medicines were proving to be ineffective. Few months later, then I switched to Homoeopathic ones, and I got better relief.

Last year, for my studies, when I had to move to Delhi, I got worried for the fact that if I could get any good homoeopathy doctor or not. But thanks to Homoeopathic Dept., Delhi Govt., for their widespread Homoeopathic centres.

At this moment, especially I would like to thanks Goel Sir, who always took enough personal care to understand my problem, and has taken utmost care in my medication. My problem has reduced to 90% as it was 2007, and I hope, with such a sincere effort of such a capable doctor, I will be able to wipeout my problem completely very soon. At this centre, even I never had worry about purchasing medicines, as they are available free of cost.

Every little appreciation could motivate involved people on large scale, with this thought I used my few words to appreciate the great work which is going on. I am thankful to each and every members of Homoeopathy Dept., Delhi Govt. Thank you

Abhishek Kumar
Ber Sarai

News -International :  

The Present Status of Homeopathy Internationally-by Dana Ullman

The Present Status of Homeopathy Internationally-by Dana Ullman
Since its inception 200 years ago, homeopathy has attracted support from European royalty, the educated elite, and leading artists. It was thus no surprise that the most expensive painting ever sold was that of a portrait of a homeopathic physician, Dr. Gachet, drawn by her personal friend and patient, Vincent Van Gogh. Although homeopaths use exceedingly small doses of medicines, it seems that people greatly value portraits of them. In this case, the portrait of Dr. Gachet sold for $82.5 million. Homeopathy is considerably more popular abroad than it is in the United States. Homeopathy's popularity in Europe and Asia is particularly impressive. to Read more…. “The Explosion of Homeopathy in Europe”

Jan Scholten Knighted for Services to Homeopathy and Humanity








On behalf of the international community of homeopaths represented by ICH, we congratulate Jan on this well-deserved honour and thank him for his dedication over many years to the science and art of homeopathy, neither one of which can exist without the other. For a more full description of the award please go here: Click here.....



More Takers for Homeopathic Treatment in Abu Dhabi


click here for website....


Public Health News:


1.Worldwide obesity rates see 'startling' increase over past 3 decades (click here to read more...).
2.Blood pressures predict risk of different cardiovascular diseases (click here to read more...).

3.Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk of Diabetes, Research Suggests (Click here to Read more….)

News -National & Departmental :


By Dr.Anju Jethani
Sr. Medical Officer, Medical Center, High Court of Delhi
Sr. Lecturer, Department of Organon of Medicine, NHMC&H


The Indian chapter of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) organized their first National Conference on 24th and 25th May, 2014 at Hotel Piccadily, New Delhi. Mr. Nilanjan Sanyal, Secretary, Department of AYUSH, Ministry of H&FW, Govt. of India, inaugurated the conference. Dr. R.N. Radha, Advisor (Homoeopathy), Department of AYUSH, Govt. Of India congratulated the organizers and highlighted the efforts undertaken by the Government of India for development of Homoeopathy. Dr.S.P.S.Bakshi, President, LMHI Indian chapter, Dr.Alok Pareek, LMHI Prime Vice-President (International), Dr.R.K.Manchanda, Director General, CCRH, Dr. Ramji Singh, President, CCH and a host of other homoeopathic stalwarts graced the occasion.Read more....

Delhi Medical Council issues order against cross pathy



The Delhi Medical Council (DMC) recently issued an order warning registered doctors against the practice of crosspathy, prescribing homoeopathy and ayurvedic drugs along with allopathy medicines. Read more…


National Health Portal by Government of India, published a list of useful mobile applications for mHealth

Link : Click here....
Apple’s picks for best new health apps of 2014....

Homoeopathy Doctor Manoj Rajoria elected to Indian Parliament

Homoeopathy Doctor Manoj Rajoria BHMS, MD (Hom) has been elected to Indian Parliament Whole Homoeopathic Fraternity in India is proud of Dr.Manoj Rajoria from Rajasthan. Dr Manoj Rajoria, Candidate of 16th Lok Sabha, Affiliated to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) serving Karauli Dholpur (RJ) Lok Sabha Constituency.He took his BHMS from Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College Jaipur. Post Graduate Homoeopathy from Rajasthan University in 2006. Read more....

Homoeopathy pills as effective as painkillers, finds study

The tiny, white homoeopathic pills could be as effective as allopathic painkillers, says a new research from the city's premier research institute. The research was done in the Institute of Chemical Technology, formerly called the University Department of Chemical Technology, in Matunga, along with homoeopathic specialist Dr Rajesh Shah. Read more....

Inauguration of 100th Homoeopathic Dispensary


The 100th Homoeopathic Dispensary at Homoeopathic wing b-block was inaugurated by Director (AYUSH) on 2/06/14 at 1:30 PM. This Dispensary will run for two hours 10:00 to 12:00 noon OPD Monday to Friday .At this occasion president ,secretary, members of B-block Preet vihar RWA along with residents were present. For Inaugural function photograph click here…..


Compiled by: Dr Jithesh T K, CMO(H) and Dr Ram Kumar, CMO(H), Dte. of AYUSH

Photo Feature / e-Medi Pic :

Inauguration of 3rd volume of Homeopathic Pulse


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Homoeopathic Scope in Tobacco de-addiction in view of ecological , environmental, social and health hazards of Tobacco use:

Dr. Chander Mohan, CMO(H), Dte. of AYUSH

In the present scenario the whole world population is facing the problem, either directly or indirectly from the tobacco use. Tobacco use effect has negative impact on environment, social web and economic structure.This presentation is intended to highlight the role and scope of Homoeopathy in tobacco de addiction. While treating tobacco related problems the aim should be not only to treat the ill effects, but also to prevent the intake of such substances leading to addictions. Homoeopathic literature clearly mentions that homoeopathic medicines are capable of tackling the problem related tobacco use and tobacco-de-addiction. Homoeopathy treats body as a whole, not single part of body or mind, which is diseased (addicted). The detailed Homoeopathic history also contributes in counseling which is an important element of effective treatment in de-addiction. This ppt throws light on how homoeopathy can be an effective tool to tackle this epidemic of tobacco addiction.

Click here for PPT....


Poster Presentations on Psoriasis & Vitiligo

Dr.Neena Mehan
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Practice of Medicine,Dr. B.R.Sur.Homeopathic Medical College

Posters of clinical, observational,exploratory and prospective study on vitiligo and psoriasis done at B.R.Sur Homoeopathic Medical college.

For presentation on Psoriasis Click here…
For presentation on Vitiligo
Click here…





1. Inauguration of E - Newsletter-2nd volume: Click here for Photos….

2. LMHI Indian Chapter (1st National Homoeopathic conference): for Photo Click here…..



Compiled by: Dr.Amrit Kalsi, Chief Medical Officer (H), Dte. of AYUSH

Updates -Materia Medica/Organon/Repertory/Hom Pharmacy :

Update on Materia Medica:

Diagnostic approach to Materia Medica
Dr. Udesh Kumar, SMO(H)and Dr. Amit Arora, SMO(H), Dte. of AYUSH

Our materia medica is full of symptoms. Each symptom of material medica indicates toward a clinical diagnosis. In this section we have described some drugs consisting of neurological symptoms related to difficulty in walking. Read More....


Sr. Medical Officer, Medical Center, High Court of Delhi
Sr. Lecturer, Department of Organon of Medicine,Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College


No one man, except Hahnemann, has left so deep an impression upon the literature of homœopathy, or has exerted so great an influence in favour of the homœopathy taught by Hahnemann, as Bœnninghausen. However for reasons unknown, the lesser known works of Boenninghausen as compiled in his Lesser Writings, have never received due attention and hence have rarely been clinically utilized. Some of the most useful, yet often disregarded prescribing clinical clues of our remedies are found scattered in his works which are hereby presented as LESSER KNOWN PEARLS OF WISDOM OF MATERIA MEDICA. Click here for PPT....

Update on pharmacy:

Department of Organon of Medicine, Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, New Delhi


Meticulous as Hahnemann was, he desired precise instructions in each aspect of homoeopathic prescribing. This was as true with regards to selection of similimum as was in selecting the posology for each patient. In this regard, Hahnemann has, from his experience, given instructions with regards to posology of the medicines proved by him and recorded in his magnum opus work, Materia Medica Pura. This aspect was examined in detail and is compiled in following tabulated form for ready reference. Read more….

Update on Practice of Medicine:

Dr. Mohit Mathur
Reader Dept. Of Medicine, NHMC&H


The presentation discusses various aspects of migraine such as the clinical presentation including the aura of migraine, factors which can trigger an episode of migraine and the qualitative impairment in life of patients who suffer from migraine. There is a brief discussion on the underlying pathophysiology of migraine. Click here for PPT....

Gynecology Update:

Post coital Contraception:
Dr Rekha Thomas,Reader
Dept of Gynaecology and Obstetrics ,NHMC&H

Emergency contraception or post-coital contraception refers to methods of contraception that can be used to prevent pregnancy in the first few days after intercourse. Read more....


Topic for Discussion :

Congratulations to all the contributors. This topic will always ignite the thought process of any intelligent and responsible physician. The topic raises certain key questions like who is a physician, what is sick, what is health, and what is cure? to read the comments of doctors click here….



Dr. Amar Bodhi.R, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy,
B.R.Sur Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital

New topic for discussion:

Single or, multiple medicine in prescription - justify ?


Share your views at 

Abstracts-Research Papers/Case Studies :

Case: 1

Gyandas G. Wadhwani MD(Hom)
Chief Medical Officer (Homoeopathy),Directorate of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT Delhi.


Warts are commonly occurring viral infections that are contagious. In homoeopathy, they fall under category of local maladies, which as per directions of Hahnemann in Organon, should never be treated with topical applications. They require internal medication, based on through case taking, in order to be cured. Three interesting case reports of warts from Delhi Government Homoeopathic Dispensary along with pictures confirm this.

Warts, Homoeopathy
Read more....

Case: 2

My experience in a case of haemorrhoids: Prescribing on alternating symptoms
Dr Shelly Arora BHMS
Medical Officer (H), Lecturer, Dept. Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Govt. Of NCT of Delhi


Haemorrhoids, also known as ‘Piles’, are a common and widespread condition. A lady presented with first degree haemorrhoids at Delhi Govt Homoeopathic Dispensary, Garhi. A careful case-perceiving revealed the presence of an alternating disease state, ‘Rheumatism alternating with haemorrhoids’. Abrotanum, selected on the basis of this alternating symptom gave a rapid and gentle relief to the patient. Read more….

Case: 3

A Case of Lateral Rectus Palsy
Dr Sunil Kannada, BHMS
Chief Medical Officer (H), Directorate of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.


A 10 years old child was seen with bilateral lateral rectus palsy, more marked on the left side. The parents of the child dated the squint to an episode of emotional distress about two months earlier. A single dose of homoeopathic remedy, Staphysagria 1M, showed reduction in squinting in the child within a month. Second dose of the same remedy, repeated three months later, removed the squint completely in a span of seven months. Homoeopathic treatment can therefore be useful in ophthalmological and neurological conditions.

Lateral rectus palsy; Homoeopathy; Staphysagria

Compiled by: Dr. Gyandas Wadhwani CMO , Dte of AYUSH, Govt of NCT of Delhi


Review of Books :
Survival- The Mollusc                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Name of the book  Survival- The Mollusc
Name of the author Rajan Sankaran  and  Sudhir Baldota
International Standard Book Number ISBN 9788190631648
Name of the publisher Homoeopathic medical publishers
 N.o  of  pages453






Reviewed by Dr  Sudha  Banerjee, Chief Medical Officer, Dte. of AYUSH

Guest Corner:

Interview with Dr.V.K.Gupta



In this edition of Homoeopathic Pulse, our guest of honour is Prof. Dr. V.K. Gupta who is former Honorary Physician to the President of India. He has also been the Principal and Medical Superintendant of Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, New Delhi. He was the first Assistant Director and Deputy Director (Homeopathy) ISM &H, Govt of Delhi. Now he is President of Honour of Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians. (A national professional organisation) He is an eminent Homeopathic physician of international repute. He was bestowed with the National Honour of Padma Shri in Medicine (Homeopathy) on April 20, 2013. His relentless efforts to promote and propagate Homeopathy continue even today at the age of 71. He is actively engaged in research and presently is chairman of special committee on clinical research of Central Council For Research in Homeopathy. He is also a member of various committees in the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India etc. to raise the bar of Homeopathy and serve the community. Read more....


Compiled by: Dr.Ravi Prakash Shingh, SMO, Dte. of AYUSH
Contributed by: Dr.Bhavna Gupta CMO(H) and Dr. Shuchismita vasishtha MO(H), Dte. of AYUSH

Medical Quotes & Jokes :

The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way."

Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, Founder of Homoeopathy

"A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession."                                                                       

Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

Homoeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years

Yehudi Menuhin, World famous Violinist

We had no long acting drugs; the action is immediate, continued favorable condition depends on the quality of the vital force and it’s harmonious action."

Dr.H.A.Robert, Famous American Homoeopath





Jokes :                                                                                                 




By Dr.Sajneet Kaur, Medical Officer, Dte. of AYUSH

Student Corner:


Dr. Priyanka Kaushik (intern, NHMC&H)






It is a research-cum-project work which highlights all the characteristics and marked features of Thuja. The pictures are remarkable and will give a long lasting impression of symptoms of Thuja. Endless benefits of Thuja are sown in very precise pattern. Thuja is also used as antiseptic (prof. Howe). I worked more artistically on one line symptoms to make it more comprehensible.Click here for PPT…

Sepia Officianalis

By Parul Bedbriya, IV th BHMS student, NHMC&H






The present use of Sepia officinalis in medicine is due to Hahnemann. Some among the ancient physician also used either the flesh,the eggs,or even the only bone for “leucorrhoea,gonorrhea,catarrh of the bladder etc. which is sufficiently remarkable in the light of the provings. Here the symptoms of sepia is described with the help of pictures which helps in easy understanding of the drug. Basically sepia is a woman’s remedy, but its action on other systems is also described. This type of presentation makes easy learning and better understanding of the drug. Click here for link...


By Jasleen Kaur Luthra, IVth BHMS Student, NHMC&H


The presentation is on the topic INVESTIGATIONS IN GYNAECOLOGY .
It has covered the important investigations required to be done in gynaecological disorders. It includes the breast examination, abdominal examination, pelvic examination ,Pap smear, colposcopy, hysterosalpingography ,ultrasonography, endometrial biopsy, cervical biopsy, culdocentesis, laparoscopy ,hysteroscopy, colposcopy, salpingoscopy and the investigations for infertility. Click here for ppt….

PPT on Haemorrage in early pregnancy:

By Meenal Pandey IVth BHMS Student, NHMC&H

Click here....

PPT on Post-partum haemorrhage:

by Kanchan Singh IVth BHMS Student, NHMC&H

Click here...

Cross Word:

Congratulations to the Doctors who gave solution for Crossword of e-News Letter Volume III

for solution click here......



New brain teaser:



By Dr.Sajneet Kaur, Medical Officer, Dte. of AYUSH
        Send answer to:

Medi Quiz :


Solution of Medi Quiz -2 of e-news letter Volume III "Homoeopathic Pulse". click here......



Medicine quiz - 3


Case of an infant with seizures

A one year old, blue eyed, fair haired infant was brought with the complaint of recurrent episodes of seizures.
HOPC: the seizures started few days after birth and presented as convulsive movements with twitching of face and repeated blinking of eyes.The antenatal history was not significant and the infant was normal at birth. Development history revealed delay in acquisition of gross motor skills.Past history revealed episode of severe vomiting at 1 month of age.
Examination revealed: an eczematous rash over lower extremities; a musty odor from the body and occasional purposeless hand movements.What is the clinical diagnosis?


Compiled by: Dr. Mohit MathurReader, Dept. of Practice of Medicine, NHMC & H
            Send your answer to :

Know the limitations :









Correct prescribing is the art of carefully fitting pathogenetic to clinical symptoms, and such at present requires a special aptness in grasping the essential points of symptom images, great drudgery, mastering a working knowledge of our large materia medica and a most skillful use of many books of reference. It is the aim of this book “A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica” is to simplify and introduce method into this work, so that the truly homoeopathic curative remedy may be worked out with greater ease and certainty. Click here for PPT....

Compiled by: Dr. Smita Brahmachari,Medical Officer (H), Directorate of AYUSH

Clinical Tips :
Clinical overview and tips for management: Rheumatoid Arthritis





Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, auto- immune, inflammatory joint disorder. Although the most distressing symptoms of this disease are associated with the small joints of the body, it is in fact a systemic disorder affecting many organs simultaneously. While conventional treatment only aims to provide relief to the patient by suppressing the symptoms of the disease, Homoeopathic treatment can significantly improve quality of life in RA as it addresses the root cause of the disease and treats the patient as a whole. Click here for PPT....




In the next newsletter we will be discussing the clinical tips related to ”Sinusitis“ Please feel free to send in your contributions.



Compiled by:  Dr.Deepti Chawla, Chief Medical Officer (H), Dte. of AYUSH

Job opportunities :

PhD Homoeopathy admission 2014 at NTR University of Health Sciences






for more here.....

Up-coming events :


Date: 13th – 14th SEPTEMBER 2014
Venue: PHD House, 2, Institutional Area, Haus Khas Opposite Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi 110016.

DR. L.M.KHAN (Kolkatta)

CONFERENCE FEE (Including 2 days Lunch and Tea)


SPECIAL GROUP CONCESSION FOR STUDENTS: Register yourself in a group of 5 or more and get a special concession of Rs 100 per head/ group ie you will only pay Rs 1700/ head in a group of 5 students.

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER: Register Yourself on or before 30th June 2014 and get a concession of Rs 100/- in each category except Reception Committee Members.
Last Date for Registration is 10th August, 2014.
Spot Registration in exceptional cases is Rs 5,000/-, irrespective of the eligible category.

HRI Rome 2015 (2nd International Homeopathy Research Conference)

5-7 June 2015
We are delighted to announce that the 2nd HRI International Homeopathy Research Conference is heading to Italy. The conference will be held at the fabulous Radisson Blu Hotel Rome on 5-7 June, 2015. To be kept informed as more details are released, sign up to the conference mailing list. Read more...

ICCH 2014 conference                                               


1st edition Clinical homeopathy: scientific research and practical applications (ICCH 2014) will be held in Los Angeles, June 28-29, 2014.
For more information click here....


LMHI Congress 2014


69th Congress of Liga Medicorum  Homeopathica Internationalis, 16-19 July 2014 in Paris, France       


Palais des Congrès
2 Place de la Porte Maillot
75017 Paris, France

For more information click here....



New Insights into Predictive Homeopathy - Seminar with Dr.Prafull Vijayakar
(3rd to 5th October 2014, Regensburg, Kolpinghaus)

This Seminar will again point out the brilliance and effectiveness of Predicitve Homoeopathy. Dr. Prafull Vijayakar will show the current state of treating most serious pathologies. While analysing the cases he will explain his way of thinking, his choice of rubrics and how he finds the right remedy. Moreover he will bring to us his latest insights concerning theories, practice and materia medica. The seminar should give us the courage and the knowledge for a successful treatment of severe pathologies.
The seminar starts on Friday, 11:00 and ends on Sunday, 16:00.
The seminar will be held in English.
Fees: 420,- €. The number of participants is limited. click here for website….



International Homoeopathic Congress Goa 2014

(20th & 21st December 2014)

At Goa Marriott Resort. Miramar, Panaji
IHC GOA 2014 – Exploring the true spirit of Homoeopathy

International Homoeopathic Congress Goa 2014 will present famous and experienced Homoeopathic speakers, who will share their homoeopathic knowledge and experiences on various subjects.This congress will bring out the real spirit of Homoeopathy and encourage all delegates and future homoeopaths to practice on the true homoeopathic principles as explained by the founder of homoeopathy – Dr Samuel Hahnemann. for website click here…


Indian Institute of homoeopathic Physicians
IIHP is Organising one day Seminar on Rheumatoid Arthritis on 3rd Aug-2014 at Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, b-block defence Colony.

Keep yourself free to attend and for confirmation or any other details kindely contact .

Dr. Geeta Mongia 98104420759810442075

Dr. Mayank Mawar 98111858779811185877



Compiled by: Dr.Chander Mohan, Chief Medical Officer, Dte. of AYUSH
          Dr. Sushil Vats, Senior Homeopath

Disclaimer :



                      All information, data, and material contained, presented, or provided on the Homeopathy Pulse website, or within its communications and newsletters, have been sourced from multiple authors and is for general information and education purposes only.The information is not to be construed necessarily as the opinions of the publisher.The information is not intended to replace advice from your homoeopathic doctor, or to be a substitute for a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider.All remedy-related information is drawn from homeopathic pharmacopoeias and materia medicas listed by HPI and reference books accepted worldwide.

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 Last Updated : 20 Nov,2015