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Information of team of e-newsletter

Sections of E-news letter Alloted
Dr. Mridula Pandey Planner & Coordinator

Dr. Jithesh T.K
Dr. K. Ramkumar

News Section

Dr. Amrit Kalsi

Photo Feature / Presentations /e-Medi Pic

Dr. Neena Mehan
Dr. Amar Bodhi
Dr. Mohit Mathur
Dr. Bipin Jethani

Review of Medicine /Drug (Drug Essence), Updates-Materia Medica /Organon/Repertory/Hom Pharmacy/Practice of Medicine
Medi Quiz

Dr. Gyandas G Wadhwani

Abstracts-Research papers/Case Studies

Dr. Sudha Banerjee

Book Review

Dr. Ravi Prakash Singh

Guest Corner

Dr. Sajneet Kaur

Medical Quotes /Jokes,Cartoons/Drug Picture Cartoons  and  Cross Word

Dr. Smita Brahmchari

Know the limitations

Dr. Deepti Chawla

Clinical Tips

Dr. Chander Mohan Arya
Dr. Sushil Vats ( Invitee)

Job opportunities and Up-coming events

Dr. Mridula Pandey
Dr. Jithesh T.K
Dr. K. Ramkumar


Mr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava

IT Programmer

Last Updated : 20 Nov,2015