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Name of the bookBed side Clinical prescribing in Homoeopathy

Name of the author

Farokh Master

Name of the publisher

B.Jain publishers(p)ltd

N.o of pages509
Cost of the bookRs 359 /-

Author clarifies the difference between “tip” and “Specific”that tip is a helpful hint collected by experience and repeatedly confirmed in patients. While specific is a remedy always works under similar circumstances in most patients (i.e) Arnica in injured cases.
It is humanly not possible to remember all the rubrics with their corresponding remedies.In a busy practice and government dispensaries,where in a limited time schedule you have to see hundreds of patients,this hints prove a boon,although after a few year of practice,every physician can find his/her own group of tips.
This both begins with reviewing the medical journey from the Hahnemannian era to the present time.it is clearly mentioned here that.initially Hahnemann called his system,the doctrine of specifics and from 17956 till 1808 ‘specific’ was the word used by him to define the system.on;u after 1808 the word ‘Homoeopathy Appeared.
Author has very aptly narrated that although .he has been a classical Homoeopath throughout,yet his vast clinical experience helped him to discover small remedies.He cautious that clinical tips should never be a substitute for prescribing remedy in a patient.These should be taken as helping tool for busy practitioners.
Contents are divided under 25 chapters followed by bibliography.Every chapter contain a very useful repertory covering the commonly found symptoms with their corresponding remedies.After that,remedy hints are given with comparisons.every chapter is conclude with interesting and relevant case studies.
The information given in this book is extremely useful not only for busy practitioners but also to all the students of Homoeopathy as well.


Reviewed by Dr  Sudha Banerjee, CMO (NFSG), Dte. of AYUSH

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Last Updated : 22 Jan,2018