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Cross Word

Congratulations to the Doctor who gave solution for Crossword of e-newsletter Volume - XII
1.Dr. Pradip Kumar Roy, SMO (H), Dte. of AYUSH

Solution of crossword of e-newsletter Volume XI, Click here....

New Brain Teaser :




l. Troubled, not clearly perceived , CR confusion of mind. (10) kent

22. A person, speech or style of writing using very few words. (7) synthesis
99. Mood in which a person becomes gloomy , sad, discontented and sulk.(6) kent33. like anderson’s duckling. (4) phatak
1212.________________  for sunshine, light and society for.(7) kent44. Intense deep felt resentment or anger aroused by iinjustice or wrong they had suffered. (11) kent
1313 _________________ dread of. (3) kent.55. person having a high opinion of oneself, being self centered. (7)kent
1515. lack of understanding that prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law. (8) kent66. A mocking ridicule intended to wound others. (7) synthesis
1818. Strong exuberance or happy excitement. (3) synthesis
77. unyielding adherence to a purpose or action.(11) kent
1919. One who lends money at an exorbitant interest. (6) synthesis88. person generally in the habit of making plans to harm others.(9) kent
2020. Utter a loud cry, typically as an expression of a strong emotion. (8)synthesis1010. firmly adhering to an opinion or purpose.(9)kent
2121. A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond thought and self control.(7) kent1111. ___________ incorrect , judge of.(4) kent
2222. Boredom in life, lost interest on pleasurable activities and daily routine.(5)kent1414.inclined to cheat, committing fraud, giving false witness in court. (3) synthesis
  1616. unexpected, without any pre-warning, having sudden transition from one subject to another.(6) kent
  1717. simple, innocent, uncomplicated, not worldly enough.(5)kent

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Last Updated : 22 Jan,2018