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Can Psychological evaluation of the patient be helpful in treating his physical ailments?

Thanks very much everybody for expressing views on the topic of the debate “Can psychological evaluation of the patient be helpful in treating his physical ailments”. Most of the respondents are of the opinion that yes it is helpful, but a further question which rise in this perspective is how to evaluate this response scientifically so that how everyone perceives it in the same manner.
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Topic for discussion for next volume :
Research in homoeopathy has traditionally addressed itself to defining the effectiveness of homoeopathic potencies in comparison to placebo medication. Homeopathic system and medicine continues to attract attention of the conventional system of medicine that it is a pseudoscience. Though homoeopathic medicines continues to attract attention in media and journals as a popular form of complementary medicine (CM) whose proposed mechanism of action seems incompatible with mechanism scientific thought and research evidence for which remains controversial…..

What methodology of research should be adopted to identify and evaluate potential “ACTIVE INGREDIENTS” of the homoeopathic approach?

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Last Updated : 04 Jan,2018