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Directorate of Agricultural Marketing is responsible for the following activities in the National Capital Territory of Delhi:
  1. Regulation of Market and Market Practices
  2. Grading under 'AGMARK'
  3. Market Intelligence
Transparency And Right To Information

The functioning of this Directorate is open and transparent. There is nothing classified as secret and no section of the concerned Act prevents the public from access to information. In fact, this Directorate publishes the notifications on various matters in Delhi Gazette for information of public as well as for Govt. and Non-Govt. bodies and organisations.

Improving The Performance And Integrity Of The Public Service

This Directorate has nominated Joint Director (Agri. Mktg.) as Vigilance Officer as well as Nodal Officer, Public Grievances. The Director (Agri. Mktg.) being the head of department is alsoavailable in his office between 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. and any member of the public can see him without prior appointment during that time. The addresses and Telephone Nos. of the officers of this Directorate are given bel ow who can be contacted in case of any grievances:

S. No. Designation of Officer Office Address Tel No.
1 Director Room No. 1,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
2 Joint Director Room No. 4,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
3 Marketing Officer Room No. 3,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
4 Senior Chemist, SGL Room No. 11,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
5 Office Superintendent Room No. 5,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
6 Assistant Accounts Officer / DDO Room No. 6,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
7 Incharge, SGL(F&V) Room No. 15,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
8 Branch Incharge (MIB) Room No. 14,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
9 Branch Incharge (MRB) Room No. 13,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
10. Branch Incharge (Estt.) Room No. 5,
49, Shamnath Marg,Old. Sectt., Delhi - 110054
Fax No.: 23818298


In order to provide better regulation of marketing of Agricultural Produce and the establishment of markets for agricultural produce in the N.C.T of Delhi and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, Delhi Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation Act, 1998 has been enacted, coming into force w.e.f. 1-8-1999 repealing the old Act of 1976. This Directorate overseas the proper implementation of the various provisions of this Act and Rules framed there under. As per provisions of this Act, Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board and the following Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees have been constituted for day to day functioning in their field of operation :

SL. NO. Name of Board/Committee with address Tel. No. Functioning
1. Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board, 9 Institutional Area, Pankha Road, Janak Puri, New Delhi. 28524045 Superintendence and control Of Mktg. Committees
2. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, (Market of National Importance), New Office Complex, Sarai Pipal Thala, Azadpur, Delhi 27691804 Marketing of Fruit & Vegetable
3. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Narela, Delhi 27285449 Marketing of Food grains
4. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees, Najafgarh, Delhi 28016412 Marketing of Food grains
5. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (Shahdara), Fruit & Vegitable Market, Gazipur, Delhi 22232955 Marketing of Food grains, Fruit & Vegetable and fodder
6. Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Keshopur, New Delhi 28336541 Marketing of Food grains, Fruit & Vegetable and fodder
7. Delhi Fodder Marketing Committee,Mangolpuri Indl. Area, Phase-II, New Delhi 27021830 Marketing of Fodder
8. Fish Poultry & Egg Marketing Committee, Gazipur, Delhi 22773054 Marketing of Fish, Poultry & Egg
9. Flower Marketing Committee (Mehrauli), Opposite Okhla Subji Mandi, Okhla, New Delhi 26936838 Marketing of Flowers
10. Khoya/Mawa Marketing Committee (Bagh Diwar), Room No 318-320, Maharana Pratap Bus Terminal, Delhi 23869332 Marketing of Khoya / Mawa


In order to provide pre-tested quality agricultural produce to consumers, the desirous packers are attached to the State Grading Laboratory of this Directorate. Certificate of Authorisation to these packers is granted by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, Govt. of India on the recommendation of this Directorate as per provisions of the Agricultural Produce Grading and Marking Act, 1986.

In this sphere, this Directorate provide, services to these packers as below :-
  1. Processing of application for registration
  2. Maintenance of priority register for providing service to registered packers
  3. Processing of lot for grading, withdrawal of representative samples thereof Testing of representative samples from laboratory under code system maintaining time schedule of testing as per prescribed norms of Govt. of India.
  4. Packing/Labeling of lot of conformed samples.
( A ) Procedure for Grant of Certificate of Authorisation:

Sl. No. Activity Time Limit
1. Supply of prescribed application proforma witd checklist for grant of certificate of Autdorisation. All working days between 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M on free of cost
2. Time limit for inspection of premises of packers applying for registration Witdin one week from submission of application
3. Time limit for processing of application after inspection of premises Witdin one week if amendment is not required otderwise tde time consumed by tde packer to rectify tde shortcoming.

( B ) Procedure/Time Limit of Grading Activities:

Sl. No. Activity Time Limit
1. When samples from registered packers are to be drawn? Witdin two working days of receipt of application from packers maintaining priority on first come first serve basis.
2 Time limit for dispatch of drawn samples to laboratory for testing Next working day subject to credit A/c of Analysis Charges/Label Charges otderwise next day of deposition of charges.
3. Time schedule/procedure for deposition of Analysis Charges in cash All working days up to 1:00 PM eitder by packer or on his behalf witd tde cashier of tdis Directorate under T.R-5.
4. Time schedule/procedure for deposition of Analysis Charges Under T.R. 6 to S.B.I Nirman Bhawan in favour of Sr. Marketing Officer, Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, Govt. of India.
5. Time schedule for packing of conformed lots Immediately after declaration of result.
6. Time schedule for submission of grading report. Next working day after packing of tde lot.
7. Time requirement for testing of samples:
One working day
Two working days
three working days
a.Pulses, Rice, Isabgol, Ghee/Butter witdout P.A. test
b.Wheat Atta, Honey, AmchurGram Flour, Ground spices, c.Ghee/Butter witd P.A. test, Veg. Oil.
8. Norms of output of samples per working day per analytical hand 2-3 samples

(C) Commodity wise Analysis Charges/Label Charges

Sl. No. Name of Commodity Analysis Charges Label Charges
1. Ground Spices
  1. Coriander Powder
  2. Cumin Powder
  3. Black Pepper powder
  4. Chillies Powder
  5. Ginger Powder
  6. Turmeric Powder
  7. Curry Powder
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs.150/- per 5 Qtl.
Rs. 150/- per 5Qtl.
Rs. 0.60 per 10 kg.
Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
Rs. 0.60 per 10 kg.
Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
2. Honey Rs. 200/-per 5 Qtl. Rs. 1.20 per 10 kg.
3. Amchur Powder Rs. 150/-per 5 Qtl. Rs. 3.50 per 10 kg.
4. Hing (compounded Asafoetida) Rs. 150/-per Qtl. Rs. 1.20 per kg.
5. Isabgol Husk Rs. 150/-per Qtl. Rs. 1.50 per 10 kg.
6. Wheat Atta Rs. 150/-per 100 Qtl. Rs. 1.50/- per Qtl.
7. Gram Flour Rs. 200/-per 100 Qtl. Rs. 3.50/- per Qtl.
8. Rice Rs. 100/-per 100 Qtl. Rs. 2.00/- per Qtl.
9. Pulses Rs. 100/-per 100 Qtl. Rs. 3.00/- per Qtl.
10. Vegetable Oil Rs. 200/-per 50 Qtl. Rs. 10.00/-per Qtl
11. Ghee Rs. 200/-per 50 Qtl. Rs. 2.00/-per10 kg.
12. Butter Rs. 200/-per 50 Qtl. Rs. 1.75/-per10 kg.

The Microbiology lab and Instrumentation lab have been commissioned with State of Art technology to conduct trace analysis of Pesticides residue, mycotoxins, Heavy Metals and Microbial leads in fruits and vegitables .These labs will be dedicated to the nation after the accreditation of NABL.


This Directorate has network of collection, compilation and dissemination of daily/weekly wholesale and retail rates of various commodities prescribed by Govt. of India from various regulated un-regulated markets. Daily rates are communicated to Govt. of India telephonically as well as by e-mail. With compilation of these data, analytical reports as monthly bulletins being prepared and sent to different Govt./Semi Govt. Organisation of different States/Govt. of India for their further use and research in their field of operation.


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