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Pharmacy Act 1948 was passed with the objective of regulating the practice of Pharmacy in India. Delhi Pharmacy Council was constituted under section 19 of Pharmacy Act 1948 in the year 1959.


Constitution of Tribunal

In the year 1949 Delhi Pharmacy Tribunal was notified by the Ministry of Health vide their file No. F-6-4/48/DC dated 28.02.1949. The Tribunal was notified by Delhi Administration on 22.06.1949 for the Registration of Pharmacists serving or working in Delhi. Major M.S. Chaddha, Deputy Director of Health Services of Delhi Administration was made as the 1st President and Mr. S.N.Roy from Drugs Control Department of Delhi as the Registrar of the Tribunal was started from 01.07.1949 to 30.08.1959.

Constitution of Delhi Pharmacy Council

Delhi Pharmacy Council was constituted under section 19 of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

First State Pharmacy Council of Delhi was constituted in the year 1959.

Second State Pharmacy Council of Delhi was constituted in the year 1965.

Third State Pharmacy Council of Delhi was constituted in the year 1971.

Fourth State Pharmacy Council of Delhi was constituted in the year 1984.

Fifth State Pharmacy Council of Delhi has been constituted & notified in Delhi Gazette dated 25.06.2002.

Govt. of Delhi revised the registration fees of the pharmacists from time to time and notified first in the year 1958, second on 1st March 1977, third on 14.06.1979.

Last revision of the registration fees and other charges were notified by the Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi on 08.12.1999 vide Gazette notification No. NCTD No.284.

The first registration of the pharmacists by the Delhi Pharmacy Council was started on 31.08.1959. Delhi Pharmacy rules were framed and notified by the Delhi Administration vide their letter No. F-32 (14) 54-MNPH dated 30.08.58.

From 8.12.1999, Delhi Pharmacy Council started the renewal of the Registered Pharmacists by issuing IDENTITY CARD to all the Pharmacists who were registered for life or who have paid the Registration fees of Rs. 56/-.

From the year 1949 till 31.03.2008, 18,751 Pharmacists have been registered. Out of that 8500 has got their renewal of registration and identity cards.

As on 31.03.2008, total number of pharmacists has been registered are 18,751.
About 11415 Pharmacists have renewed their registration till 31.03.08.


S.No. Constituted Date
1 Constitution of Tribunal 1949 (28.02.1949)
2 Notification of First Tribunal 1949 (22.06.1949)
3 Date of Registration in the Tribunal of the Pharmacists 1949-1959
4 First Delhi Pharmacy Council Constituted 1959
5 Second Delhi Pharmacy Council Constituted 1965
6 Third Delhi Pharmacy Council Constituted 1971
7 Fourth Delhi Pharmacy Council Constituted 1984
8 Fifth Delhi Pharmacy Council Constituted 2002
9 Sixth Delhi Pharmacy Council:  2014 25094
10Total Number of Registered Pharmacists Registered from 1950 to 31.03.2015 18751
10 Total number of Pharmacists Registered & Renewed their Registration as on 31.03.2008 11415


S. No. Name of the President Period
1 Major M.S. Chaddha 1949-1959
2 Dr. A.S.Sen 1959-1965
3 Sh. Sohan Nayyar 1965-1977
4 Sh. Shiv Narayan (Acting) 1977-1980
5 Dr. J.S. Quadry 1980-1983
6 Dr. J.L.Kaul 1983-1986
7 Sh. M.P.Mittal (Acting) 1986-1987
8 Dr. B.D. Miglani 1987-1988
9 Sh. Piyush Vora (Acting) 1988-1991
10 Sh. S.L.Sobti 1991-1993
11 Sh. Piyush Vora (Acting) 1993-1995
12 Sh. Sohan Nayyar 1995-24-6-2002
13 Sh. Surender Mohan Sharma 25-6-2002 & continuing
14 Sh. Ajay Kumar Sharma 2014 & continuing


S. No. Name Designation
1 Sh. Ajay Kumar Sharma President
2 Sh. Sadhu Ram Vice President
3 Sh. Inder Singh Chauhan Member in PCI
4 Sh. Prem Singh Chauhan Executive Member
5 Sh. Ashwani Kumar Executive Member
6 Sh. Pankaj Atray Executive Member


S. No. Name of the Registrar Period
1 Sh. S.N.Roy 1949-1965
2 Sh. K.C.Dewan 1965-1966
3 Sh. P. Veeraswamy 1966-1972
4 Sh. Malik Ram Issar 1972-1987 (5.8.72 to 7.4.87.)
5 Sh. S.L.Nasa 8-4-87 & continuing


Room No. 198, Old Secretariat, Delhi - 110054
Telephone No.:23890385  23890034

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