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Delhi Pharmacy Council
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Pharmacy Act
Pharmacy College
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Pharmacy Act

1. Short title, extent and commencement
2. Interpretation
1. Constitution and composition and Central Council
2. Incorporation of Central Council
3. President and Vice President of Central council
4. Mode of Elections
5. Term of office and casual vacancies
6. Staff remuneration and allowances
7. The Executive Committee
A. Other Committee
8 Education Regulations
9. Application of Education Regulations to states
10. Approved Courses of study and examinations
11. Withdrawal of approval
12. Qualification granted outside the territories to which this act extends
13. Mode of declaration
A. The central Register
B. Registration in the central Register
14. Inspection
15. Information to be furnished
A. Account and Audit
16. Power to make Regulations
1. Constitution and composition and Central Councils
2. Inter State agreements
3. Composition of Joint state councils
4. Incorporation of state Councils
5. President and Vice President of state council
6. Mode of Elections
7. Term of office and casual vacancies
8. Staff remuneration and allowances
A. Inspection
9. The Executive Committee
10. Information to be furnished
1. Preparation ans maintenance of register
2. Preparation of first register
3. Qualifications for entry on first register
4. Qualifications for subsequent registration
A. Special provisions for registration of centain persons
B. Special provisions for registration of displaced persons, repatriates and other persons
5. Surutiny of application for registration
6. Renewal of fees
7. Entry of additional qualifications
8. Removal from register
9. Restoration of register
10. Bar of other jurisdiction
11. Issue of duplicate certificate of registration
12. Printing of register and evidentiary value of entries there in.
1. Penalty for falsely claiming to be registered
2. Dispensing by unregistered persons
3. Failure to surrender certificate of registration
4. Payment of part of fees to Central Council
5. Appointment of Commmission of Enquiry
6. Power to make rules
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Last Updated : 23 Mar,2014