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About Us

DSFDC is a State level institution for financing, facilitating and promoting the economic developmental activities for all-round development and economic upliftment of the members of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Classes, Minorities, Safai Karamcharies and Handicapped who are living below the poverty line in National Capital Territory of Delhi through:-

  1. Formulation of economic development schemes;
  2. Mobilizing institutional credit; and
  3. Functioning as promoter and catalyst.


DSFDC is a non-profit making organization which is set up to assist the members of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities & Handicapped by:-

  1. To formulate, identify and select various economic development schemes;
  2. To impart training to youths belonging to the target group in various income generating/ job oriented courses.

DSFDC is a fully owned Government of NCT of Delhi undertaking and is governed by the Board of Directors with representatives from Central Government, NCT of Delhi, Central level Government Agencies and eminent public men recognized for their services to the target group. This Corporation was incorporated on 29th January, 1983 under the Companies Act, 1956. The DSFDC has an Authorized Share Capital of Rs.100 crores. The functioning of this Corporation are grouped into Small and Large Loan Projects, Bankable Loan Schemes, Training, Transport Loan Projects, Follow up & Recovery, Finance & Accounts, Personnel & Vigilance, General Administration, Planning, Publicity and Business Development. The Corporation has its headquarters at Ambedkar Bhawan, Institutional Area, Rohini and presently, has been operating from three Zonal Offices i.e. West Zone Office, Central Zone and East Zone Office. Presently in NCT of Delhi there are 11 Revenue District accordingly West Zone Office looks after the three districts namely West District, North-West District, and South West District. Central Zone Office looks after the five Districts namely Central District, North District, New Delhi District, South District, and South East District whereas the East Zone office caters the needs of prospective beneficiaries from three Districts namely East District, North East District and Shahdara District.

DSFDC has been designated as State Channelising Agency of following National level Apex Corporations:-

  1. National Scheduled Castes Financial & Development Corporation;(NSFDC)
  2. National Safai Karamcharis Financial & Development Corporation;(NSKFDC)
  3. National Minorities Development & Financial Corporation; (NMFDC).
  4. National Backward Classes finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC).
  5. National Handicapped Financial & Development Corporation;(NHFDC)
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