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Message from MD

Dear  Beneficiaries

             I am pleased to inform all the existing  loanees and the prospective beneficiaries that the website of the DSFDC has  been put in place to fall in line with the Digital India Mission.      The purpose of this website is not only  to provide information about the DSFDC and its activities for the welfare of  the target groups, but also to encourage more active and fruitful interface  with the beneficiaries.   All the  prospective beneficiaries and the resident of NCT of Delhi are also apprised  that DSFDC has been conducting general awareness camps for dissemination of  information about various income generating schemes for the target group  beneficiaries in order to facilitate them to set-up their self-employment  project under its Prospective Beneficiary Contact Programme. Beside this DSFDC  has also been visiting various technical institutes and polytechnic and  Industrial Training Institutes for apprising the students/trainees about  various programmes of DSFDC and National Apex Corporation implemented through  DSFDC in order to motivate them to go for self-employment after completion of  their course/studies .

          I am also delighted to inform all the  prospective beneficiaries and existing loanees that DSFDC has also gone The DSFDC has gone one step further and explored the possibility of App  based implementation of various welfare, developmental, income generating  schemes which will ensure the transparency and proper connectivity so that  target group beneficiaries could approach the Corporation for availing the  benefits of various schemes directly, through the smart phone.   The officer from the DSFDC would guide the  applicant for papers and formalities- based on his loan requirement.

So, please feel free to contact the concerned  officer’s right from the Managing Director to Assistant Managers to seek any  information about the DSFDC and the various Economic Development Schemes being  implemented by DSFDC.

Wish  you a good luck in your ventures in collaboration with DSFDC.
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This site was updated on 9th September, 2019.