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Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant of Loan



1. Five Passport Size Photograph of the applicant.
2. One photograph of work place (size 5 x 7) with the applicant.
3. One joint photograph of applicant and the witnesses with the District Incharge.



1. Aadhar Card of Delhi
2. Voter Card of Delhi.



1. Age proof certificate
2. Educational Qualification Certificate.
3. Professional qualification certificate.
4. Skill Development Qualification certificate
5. Caste Certificate issued by the Delhi Government.
6. Affidavit of minority status of applicant if applicable.
7. Disability certificate by the Government Hospital.
8. Legal Guardian certificate in case of mentally retarded applicant issued by the Competent Authority.
9. Copy of valid commercial driving licence and badge wherever applicable.
10. Proof of admission in a recognised university/Institute in case of education loan.



1. Family Income Affidavit.
2. Affidavit of applicant for not availed any loan earlier. If availed not defaulter and entire loan is repaid.
3. Affidavit of Personnel Guarantee.
4. Affidavit of Legal Heir.
5. Affidavit of Rent Agreement Deed of work place if rented.
6. Affidavit of NOC if work place is provided by the blood relation.
7. Affidavit of Age Proof if illiterate.



1.Proof of ownership of work place in the form of Electricity Bill or Water Bill.
2. Proof of residence in the form Aadhar Card or Voter Card/Ration Card/ Passport.
3. Acceptance of Loan Agreement.
4. Execution of Hypothecation Deed.
5. Lien letter from the issuing Authority in case FDR’s/NSC’s are provided as collateral security if applicable.
6. Submission of original copy of title deeds of property with all chain furnished as collateral security if applicable. (Subject to acceptance of Law Section).
7. 45 plus 05 Post Dated Cheques in case of CLS from Nationalised Bank
8. 60 plus 05 Post Dates Cheques in case of other schemes from Nationalised Bank.
9. Copy of Insurance of Pradhan Mantri Jeevn Jyoti Bima Yojna and Pradhan Mantri Surakha Bima Yojna.



1. Five Passport size photographs.
2. Latest original Pay Slip duly signed by DDO concerned.
3. Copy of Identity Card duly signed by the officer concerned.
4. Age and Residence proof of Guarantor/Retirement proof.
5. Guarantors Affidavit as per specimen.
6. Execution of Bond of Guarantee.
7. Five Blank Post Dated Cheques from Nationalised Bank.
8. Two prominent person of local area of the applicant as referee in the case of loan for the project cost up to Rs.50,000/- where there is no third party guarantee is mandatory and ID proof along with photograph



1. Project Report as per the format in case of non CLS cases.
2. Details of proposed project in case of CLS.
3. Processing fee of Rs.350/- in case of CLS and Rs.500/- in the case of DSY in the form of Demand Draft.

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