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Energy Service Company offers a complete turnkey package of energy efficiency services including energy auditing, feasibility study, brokering financing, specialized documentation for performance contracting, project engineering & implementation and post implementation performance measurement & verification services.

Types of ESCO Models:-There are three types of ESCO model available


Energy Audit Model:

Recommended made by the energy auditor after energy audit done for retrofitting existing facilities is done mostly by the project sponsors himself. Financial commitment is made by project sponsors and the Energy Auditor.


Guaranteed Savings Models:

In this, the guaranteed from the ESCO for the customer whose financing the projects that the energy savings from the projects will cover the customer's debt service. Thus, the customer assumes the obligation to repay the debt to a third party financier, which is often a commercial bank or a leasing company. In case if the project savings fall short of the amount needed for debt service, the ESCO is going to pay the difference. If the savings exceed the guaranteed amount, the customer and the ESCO usually share the excess savings.

Shared savings Models:

 In this, the ESCO finance the project, usually borrowing money from the third party. This model is not as common as guaranteed saving model, as ESCO assumes not only the performance risk but the financial risk as well. As all the risk goes to ESCO therefore ESCO enjoys the higher percentage of savings from the projects.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency is promoting energy efficiency measures in the country under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. In addition to promoting energy audits among designated consumers by accredited energy auditors and facilitated by certified energy managers, BEE intends to promote implementation of energy conservation measures in existing buildings/facilities through the ESCO route. With a view to tap the potential of bringing about energy efficiency improvement in existing buildings/ facilities BEE had undertaken shortlisting of ESCOs through an open invitation and evaluation process. 37 ESCOs have been qualified, the shortlist of which is given below. This database of shortlisted ESCOs has been shared by BEE with the State Governments/ SDAs which in turn would help in taking up energy efficiency improvement projects in their existing buildings/ facilities.

List of ESCOs shortlisted by BEE

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