Acts and Rules
Essential Act 1955
The Consumer Protection Act and Rules
Acts and Rules

The Essential Commodities Act, 1955


Control Order 1962

Control Order 1977

Control order 1981

Control Order 2002

Delhi Kerosene Oil Control Order 1962

Guidelines for identification of beneficiaries under NFS

Notification no. 919 dated 08-09-2000

Notification no. 792-813 dated 23-12-2011

Notification no. 1234-1245 dated 23-08-2013

Notification no. 1246-1269 dated 23-08-2013

Latest News
Advisory-Timely and correct entry of details on NFS Portal.
Notice-Temp. FPS License at Circle-05
Notice-Temp. FPS License at Circle-27
Notice - Temp. FPS License at Circle-46
Circular reg. Policy for FSI for recommendation and FSO for approval of Ration Cards
Advt regarding appointment of Member-Judicial in State Commission and Member in CDRF
Temporary FPS License at Circle-22
Advertisement reg. Appointment of President and Members of Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums (i.e. District Forum) in Delhi
Notification by Ministry of Consumer Affairs for Food Subsidy under Aadhar Act
COPY OF Additional or declaration as Competent Authority under Delhi Right to Information Act 2001
Publication of Public Notice in the Daily News Papers
Corrigendum for Publication of Public Notice in the Daily News Papers
Delhi Removal of Licensing Requirments, Stock Limits and Movement Restriction Foodstuffs Order, 2017.
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