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About Co-ordination Branch

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About Co-ordination Branch


Works of Co-Ordination Branch



  1. Appointment of L.G./ C.M./ Council of Ministers/ Oath taking
  2. Arrangement of official functions/ State Function / Independence Day/ Republic Day
  3. Catering/ Tentage Arrangements
  4. Estimate Committee
  5. Telephone Advisory Committee
  6. Allocation of Business Rules



  1. Cabinet Meetings
  2. Cabinet Decisions
  3. Conferences of CS
  4. Meeting of Secretaries/HODs
  5. Transaction of Business Rules
  6. Flag Code
  7. Rules 17 of TBR



  1. Inter-State-Council
  2. Northern Zonal Council
  3. L.G. Speech
  4. C.M. Speech/ Address on various occasion.
  5. MHA Annual Report
  6. D.D.C. / Other Committee



  1. Consultative Committee
  2. Preparation of Budget for GAD
  3. Civil Service News
  4. 4th International Conference
  5. ATR on meeting of the C.S &
  6. D.G. Police
  7. Other miscellaneous work
  8. Holiday
  9. V.I.P. Reference
  10. References from Govt. of India and other Govt. matters, which concerns more    than one department, which are not assigned to other officials.
  11. Questions L.S. / R.S. / Assembly and their answers
  12. Matter raised U/R 259/287
  13. Energy conservation
  14. Deployment of officers in Vidhan Sabha



  1. All work related to notification
  2. Passing the Bills of Govt. of India


Diary & Dispatch work

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