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Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital
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Computerization of O.P.D.
All the registrations for O.P.D. patients are done through computerized registration terminals
There are 17 terminals for simultaneous registration of patients attending the routine O.P.D. and every terminal registers for every O.P.D.
Separate registration counters for senior citizens, physically challenged and referral from Stri-Shakti camps.
Separate O.P.D. for senior citizens on Sundays
Waiting period for registration varies from 30 minutes (Morning 9:00A.M.) to 10 minutes (11:00A.M.)
A separate computerized registration centre for Emergency patients.
The location and functioning of various O.P.D.s has been changed as per patient's convenience.
Special O.P.Ds for Adolescent patients have been started.
Screening O.P.D. have been started where the patients are screened for their ailments and further referral and management is need based saving time and is convenient for the patients.

Blood, Stool, Sputum and urine collection for routine O.P.D. patients has been simplified and computerized central collection centers are located in O.P.D. ;Block to facilitate sample collection.

On Line reports of Blood and Urine tests are provided for the O.P.D. patients and  are available to the patients  at the O.P.D. registration counters itself and are given to the patients on a computer generated sheet. Sufficient waiting area has been created for patients waiting for the O.P.D. registration with fans drinking water etc.

The emergency services have been strengthened by having Senior Residents from Surgery, Orthopaedics, Medicine, and Neurosurgery departments and are available at the Casualty Reception Room No: 54 itself. The primary care is provided by this specialized staff. This is in addition to the C.M.Os and the A.C.M.Os.

There is a portable X-ray Machine, a Ultrasound unit, and E.C.G. facility is available in the Casualty room itself. Centralized Oxygen supply and Vacuum suction is available.

The Casualty room No: 54 and adjoining room is equipped to handle 25 serious patients at any given time, should the need arise.

A fully equipped disaster ward with 18 beds is kept in readiness to meet with sudden influx of emergencies.
There is separate staff for this facility which is on 24 hr. standby.
In addition to this there is facility to house another 50 Patients on trolleys which have been placed in a specially designated area near the casualty.
Sufficient number of trolleys are in place near casualty to receive patients.
There is a Comprehensive Disaster Plan in place.
Four floors are ready and operational.
50 Beds are now operational (20 for Orthopedics and 30 for Head Injuries).
6 beds for Trauma I.C.U. in the Trauma Block have been commissioned.
A State of the Art Helical Multi Slice whole body C.T. Scan, the first of its kind has been installed and is operational round the clock. On an average 17 to 20 Routine C.T. Scans are being done daily and another 12 to 15 C.T. Scans are being done in Emergency.
In the last one year the down time for C.T. Scan has been less than 1%.
Three Hemo-dialysis units are available and dialysis is now being done from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.
This is in addition to the round the clock availability of Peritoneal dialysis.
A separate Dialysis O.T. has been commissioned on the 7th floor of the O.T. Complex.
G.T.B.Hospital is designated as a center for administration of Anti Tuberculosis drugs under the D.O.T.S. Programme.
G.T.B. Hospital runs a fully equipped regional blood bank center which apart from fulfilling the needs of this area as a blood bank also has facilities for providing various fractionated blood components.
A Thalassemia unit is being run under the department of Paediatrics and runs six days a week from 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.
Here Blood transfusions are provided on regular basis besides maintaining the progress profile of the patients.
A Thalassemia diagnostic facility and Thalassemia characterization investigations are done on a regular basis.
The department of Dermatology and S.T. Diseases provides AIDS counseling on a regular basis besides being a center for maintenance of statistics on AIDS in the East Delhi region.
A fully functional department of Neurosurgery with facilities for all Neurosurgical Emergencies and Routine Brain and spine operations is available. A four bedded Neurosurgery I.C.U. with state of the art Brain function Monitors including Intra Cranial Pressure monitoring is functional. In addition to this there are four beds for Step-Down I.C.U. for recovering patients.
A state of the art D.S.A. Unit is operational in the Neuro-Surgery O.T. Complex.
This unit is being used for Subtraction Angiography for Brain, Spine and other regions of the body.
The unit is also being used for Interventional work like embolization of Tumours etc.
The hospital provides ambulance services for the transportation of serious patients to other Hospitals.

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