Casualty Services
Casualty Services

Reception Main Casualties Trauma Services Pediatric Casualty Gynae Casualty & Labour Room 24 Hours Emergency Lab Services 24 Hours Radiology Services
R. No. 54 Gen.Medicine (RN-259) Neurosurgery Trauma RN-1104 NICU Services
S.L.R. WD - 10
R. No. 137 X-ray (RN-46)
Neurology (RN-259)
Surgery (RN-149) Orthopedics Trauma USG (RN-54B)
Neurosurgery (RN-380)
Orthopedics (RN-26) Surgery Trauma C.T. SCAN
24 Hours ECG
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Pulse Polio Programme-March 2010
Swine Flu - Clinical Management Protocol and Infection Control Guidelines
Private Security Agencies Regulation Act 2005
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