Regional Blood Transfusion Center
Regional Blood Transfusion Center



Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (East) is attached to G.T.B. Hospital, Govt. of Delhi situated in East Delhi near Shahadra. The blood bank is under the control of department of Pathology with full functional autonomy. The blood bank is one of the major blood banks of Delhi. The blood bank was licensed by Drug Controller General of India and State Drug Control Department.

The blood bank collects more than 35000 units of blood annually. The blood bank have the facility for blood component separation and platelet pheresis. The blood bank provide quality safe blood not only to the patients admitted in G.T.B. Hospital, but also to the patients admitted in Private hospitals and Nursing homes of East Delhi adjacent part states of Uttar Pradesh.

The blood bank also has facility to go for out station camps in East Delhi and adjacent areas. The blood bank promote voluntary donation and has more than 75% blood from Voluntary donors. About 25% blood is from the family relative donors.

The blood bank provides services round-the-clock to almost more than 150 nursing homes and private hospitals. Blood bank releases more than 65000 units of blood and its components for the patients admitted in G.T.B. Hospital and other Pvt. Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

We have donor counseling program and all the donors are being counseled by the trained councilor. All the blood donors are counseled to be the voluntary non-remunerative repeat blood donor. Professional blood donors and the persons with high risk behaviors are not allowed to donate blood. All the sero-reactive donors are counseled for prevention of disease and further management and treatment.

Blood component separation unit was started in 1995 and is also recognized by Govt. of India and State Govt. and gets financial support for BCSU from NACO and DSACS, Govt. of Delhi. About 55% of blood is processed into component. Different blood components separated are Leucocytes Depleted Red Blood Cells , Random Donor Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate. We also have provision of providing Single donor Platelet (SDP) by a latest model of cell separator.

All the donated units are being screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C by ELISA technique using IV Generation kits. The blood units are also being screened for Malaria antigen and for Syphilis by the state of the art technology.

The department is headed by SAG level officer trained in transfusion technology and have adequate and qualified Nursing and technical staff. The blood bank adopts most modern technology and equipment. We have fully automatic ELISA processor, Blood Grouping and Red Cell antibody screening and Blood component equipments. All the records and Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) are maintained and followed as per National and International standards.

The horizons of transfusion medicine have been expanding in recent years with the development of many new programs like haemo-vigilance, donor vigilance DNB Transfusion Medicine and MD Transfusion Medicine in near future.

Quality Assurance:

The Blood Bank provides high quality services by assuring the supply of safe and quality Blood and its products to patients. The Blood bank has the internal quality control program headed by Quality Manager reporting directly to the Head of the Department.

We are also participating External Quality Assurance Program (EQAS) through the reference labs for TTI screening approved by DSACS and NACO Govt. of India.

We also wish to go for NABH Accreditation of Blood Banks through Quality Council of India. The head of the Department of our Blood Bank is NABH assessor for accreditation of Blood Banks approved by Quality Council of India and presently he is the chairman of the Accreditation committee constituted by Quality Council of India.

 Services Provided:

·         Issue of Blood and Blood Components as under:

o   Whole Blood

o   Red Cell Concentrate

o   Leucocytes reduced Red Blood Cells

o   Random Donor Platelets

o   Fresh Frozen Plasma and

o   Cryoprecipitate

o   Single Donor Platelets

·         Immune-hematology

o   Blood Grouping

o   Red Cell antibody Screening

o   Rh-Kell matching for thalassemic patients

o   Rh Phenotyping

o   Direct and Indirect Coombs test

o   Compatibility testing

·         Transfusion Transmitted Infection Screening Lab

o   HIV I&II Antibody Screening

o   HbSAg Screening

o   HCV Antibody Screening

o   TPHA for syphilis screening

o   Maleria antigen screening



Located at 1st Floor of Kitchen Block on the back side of Ward Block. People can have easy access to Blood Bank through Back door of the hospital in front of MRD Block.

Departmental Chart:





Telephone No.


Dr. Bharat Singh

Consultant Pathology (SAG)




Dr. Preeti Diwaker

Assistant Professor, Pathology




Ms. Shashi Raheja

Nursing Sister Blood Bank





Technical Manager




Mr. Anees Mohammad

Quality Manager






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