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Dearness Allowance w.e.f 01-04-2017
Order dated 16-04-10
Order dated 25-03-10
Order dated 17-03-2010
Order dated 12-03-2010
Order dated 11-03-2010
Order dated 09-03-2010
Order dated 08-03-2010_5545
Order dated 08-03-2010_5569
Order dated 25-02-09
Order dated 18-02-2010_5274
Order dated 18-02-2010_5273
Order dated 18-02-2010_5272
Order dated 18-02-2010_5271
Order dated 08-02-2010
Order dated 15-02-2010 .
Corrigendum dated 11-02-2010 .
Order dated 10-02-2010 .
Order dated 08-02-2010 .
Order dated 05-02-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 03-02-2010 , North District
Order dated 02-02-2010  regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 01-02-2010 regarding transfer / posting of Sweeper.
Order dated 01-02-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 25-01-2010 .
Order dated 21-01-2010 .
Order dated 21-01-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 21-01-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 20-01-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 20-01-2010 .
Order dated 19-01-2010 regarding transfer / posting
Order dated 19-01-2010 .
Office order dated 18-01-2010
Order dated 14-01-2010 regarding transfer/posting .
Order dated 11-01-2010 regarding transfer/posting .
Order dated 07-01-2010 .
Order dated 01-01-2010 regarding transfer/posting .
Order dated 31-12-2009 regarding transfer/posting .
Corrigendum dated 31-12-2009 .
Order dated 24-12-2009 regarding transfer/posting .
Order dated 10-12-2009 regarding transfer/posting .
Order dated 09-12-2009
Order dated 09-12-2009 regarding Field Key Officer
Order dated 07-12-2009
Order dated 04-12-2009 , South-West District
Order dated 04-12-2009 .
Order dated 04-12-2009 regarding Welfare Branch shifted at Hari Nagar .
Order dated 03-12-2009 regarding transfer/posting of Gr.-III/IV(DASS) .
Order dated 02-12-2009 regarding training on Complaint Management System.
Order dated 26-11-2009 regarding transfer/posting
Corrigendum dated 10-11-2009 regarding SPIO & ASPIO (HQ) under the jurisdiction of RSBY & Child Labour and other branches/Act
Order dated 16-11-2009 regarding members of the Delhi Labour Welfare Board constituted under the Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953 [as extended to the NCT of Delhi].  
Order dated 05-11-2009 regarding transfer /posting of class-IV officials.  
Order dated 03-11-2009 regarding attend the training to be conducted by the Directorate of Training at UTCS Building.  
Order dated 22-10-2009 regarding Transfer /Posting of L.I. Grade II/III .  
Order dated 21-10-2009 regarding Grade-III(Dass)are relieved & report to their new place of posting  
Order dated 20-10-2009 regarding Transfer /Posting  
Order dated 16-10-2009 regarding District South & DLWB.  
Order dated 14-10-2009 regarding creation of additional Tribunals.  
Order dated 09-10-2009 regarding Training Programme on "Right to Information for Ist Appellate Authority/PIOs/APIOs."  
Order dated 05-10-2009 regarding relieved from Labour Department.  
Order dated 29-09-2009 regarding Transfer/Posting.  
Order dated 22-09-2009 regarding relieved and join in District South.  
Order dated 14-09-2009 regarding APIO/SPIO.  
Order dated 04-08-2009 regarding Officers/officials are hereby attend the 5th Food & Technology Expo,being organized on 7th,8th & 9th August,2009 at Pragati Maidan.  
Order dated 24-07-2009 regarding Transfer/Posting of Grade-III(Das).  
Order dated 16-06-2009 regarding Officers/officials are directed to attend the trainings at U.T.C.S. Building East Arjun Nagar.  
Order dated 09-07-2009 regarding officers as State PIOs and State APIOs.  
Order dated 16-06-2009 regarding Posting/Transfer.  
Order dated 15-06-2009 regarding disposal of ALC(RSBY) as Field Key Officer.  
Order dated 12-06-2009 regarding Posting/Transfer.  
Order dated 10-06-2009 regarding Posting/Transfer  
Order dated 04-06-2009 regarding Transferred and Posted  
Order dated 02-06-2009 regarding Field Key Officers  
Order dated 21-05-2009 regarding LDC as Field Key Officer.  
Order dated 21-05-2009 regarding Posting/Transfer of Deputy Labour Commissioner  
Order dated 21-05-2009 regarding Transferred and Posted in District North-West  
Order dated 11-05-2009 regarding Posted at JLC-II Branch  
Order dated 23-04-2009 regarding Transferred and Posted in Caretaking Branch  
Order dated 31-03-2009 regarding Transferred and Posted in DLC(East)  
Regarding Election , dated 02-04-09  
Decentralization of Labour Department, Regarding allotment of User ID,dated 18-03-09  
List of Officials working in department are hereby placed at the disposal Of Assistant Labour Commissioner (Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojna) as field Key Officers with immediate effect, dated 17-03-09  
Order dated 20-02-2009 regarding Transferred and Posted in Welfare Branch  
Order dated 19-02-09 regarding Minimum Wages  
Order dated 18-02-09  
Order dated 04-02-2009 regarding Transferred  
Order dated 15-11-08  
Order dated 15-09-08 regarding Trade Union
Order dated 15-09-08 regarding Recovery Certificate
Order dated 12-09-08 regarding Minimum Wages  
Order 31-03-2008
Sanction for creation of 21 Technical Posts under Plan Scheme in Electrical Inspectorate under Labour Department
Order dated 19-03-08 regarding RTI in English
Order dated 19-03-08 regarding RTI in Hindi
Order regarding Assistant Housing Commissioner dated 17-03-08
Order 13-03-2008
Order 13-03-2008
Order Dated 16-08-05 regarding levy of cess on Building & Other Construction Work.
Order 30-03-2007


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