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Manual 1 - Particulars of organization, functions and duties
Manual 2 - Powers and duties of officers and employees
Manual 3 - Procedure followed in decision-making process
Manual 4 Norms set for the discharge of functions
Manual 5 - The Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it or under its control
Manual 6 - A Statement of the categories of documents held
Manual 7 - Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation
Manual 8 - A statement of boards, council, committees and other bodies constituted
Manual 9 - Directory of officers and employees
Manual 10 - The monthly remuneration received by each of the officers and employees
Manual 11 - The Budget Allocation to each agency
Manual 12 - The manner of execution of subsidy program
Manual 13 - Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted
Manual 14 - Information available in an electronic form (w.r.t. Labour Department)
Manual 15 - Particulars of Fascilities available to citizens
Manual 16 - List of Public Information Officers
Manual 17 - Other information as may be prescribed
Manual 2 - Powers and duties of officers and employees

  Labour Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is headed by Secretary-Cum- Labour Commissioner who performs various secretarial functions under various acts like Industrial Dispute Act- 1947, functions as appropriate Government for granting sanction for prosecution, he also functions as competent authority for issue of orders under various provisions of Industrial Dispute Act 1947 and other labour legislations. In addition to it he also discharges functions as Labour Commissioner and hears various review applications of aggrieved party under various labour laws. He also functions as Administrative Head of Labour Department in the capacity of H.O.D. In addition to it Secretary, Labour also is competent authority under various labour laws and as such he discharges statutory functions.
(i) Addl. Labour Commissioner (Admn.) - Addl. Labour Commissioner (Admn) functions as head of the office and is head of the administration. Addl./ JLC(A) also heads Accounts Branch, Statistical and Planning Branch of Labour Department. Implementation Cell dealing with implementation of awards of Labour Court and Industrial Tribunal is also under the overall control of Addl. Labour Commissioner (Admn). Addl./ JLC(A) performs administrative functions, financial functions, approving authority for issue of Recovery Certificates, he is also competent authority in respect of various vigilance cases pertaining to Labour Department, leave sanctioning authority. He is also heading secretarial cell, housing schemes of Lobour Department. He also supervises Inspectorate of Factories, Boilers and Working of Electrical Inspectorate.
(ii) JLCs.- The department has two Joint Labour Commissioners who are Ex- Cadre Officers of Labour Department and both these JLCs perform supervisory functions in respect of 9 districts.
(a) Joint Labour Commissioner  coordinates NHRC matters, building and other construction workers Act/policy matters, policy matters relating to Bonded Labour Act, ESIC Act, EPFAct and Trade Union Act, policy matters pertaining to ID Act. 1947, Industrial Employment Standing Order Act. 1946, Contract Labour Act. 1970, Interstate Migrant Worker's Act 1979, Maternity Benefit Act 1961, matters pertaining Central Board of Workers Education. Joint Labour Commissioner functions as head of Legal Cell/Legislation Branch of Labour Department, matters pertaining to ILO, ILC and also is coordinating officer for Indus Project. He also looks after policy matters pertaining to Delhi Shops & Estt. Act 1954, Child Labour Act 1986, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Payment and Bonus Act 1965, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, Payment of Wages Act. 1936, Working Journalist Act 1955, Workmen Compensation Act. 1923, Motor Transport Worker's Act 1984, Sales Promotion Employees Act. 1976 etc. Both these JLCs perform secretarial as well as administrative functions under the aforesaid enactments relating to processing and examination of various issues as mentioned above.
(iii) Dy. Labour Commissioners- Dy. Labour Commissioners of Labour Department discharge duties as shown below: -
(a) Commissioner - Workmen Employees Act 1923.
(b) Authority -Minimum Wages Act. 1948.
(c) Authority - Delhi Shops & Estt. Act. - 1954.
(d) Licence and Registration Officer - Contract Labour Act. 1970.
(e) Appellate Authority -Payment of Gratuity Act. 1972.
(f) Certifying Officer - Industrial Employment Standing Order Act. 1946.
(g) Assessing Officer - Delhi Building and other Construction Worker's Rules 2002.
(h) DLCs are the overall incharge of the Districts.
(iv) ALCs: -
(a) Function as Conciliation Officer under Industrial Dispute Act. 1947.
(b) Controlling Authority under Payment of Gratuity Act. 1972.
(c) Investigating Officer in matters/complaints pertaining to unfair labour practice etc.etc. under ID Act.1947, and for applications received under Section-2(r)(a)
(d) Supervisory Officer in respect of Inspectors and other supporting staff.
(e) Registering Officer under Delhi Building and other Construction Rules 2002.
(v) LOs - Labour Officers of the department functions as shown below: -
(a) Cess Collector under Delhi Building and other Construction Rules 2002.
(b) Inspectors under Payment of Bonus Act 1965.
(c) Inspectors under Child Labour Act. 1986.
(d) Monitoring of various complaints received in various districts from workers and trade unions.
(vi) Ios - Inspecting Officers of Labour Department perform following functions:-
(a) Inspector under various labour enactments.
(b) Inspector under Child Labour Act. 1986.
(c) Inspector under Bonus Act. 1965.
(d) Perform functions as Cess Collector.
(e) Inspecting Officers are also required to handle complicated complaints/cases involving large number of workers and matters pertaining to strike, lockout, retrenchment of workers under the provisions of Industrial Dispute Act. 1947.
(f) Inspecting Officers are also generally designated/authorized by competent authority for launching/filing prosecution against the defaulting employers under Payment of Bonus Act 1965and under Contract Labour Act. 1970.
(g) Inspecting Officers are also notified as Cess Collector.
(vii) Inspectors of Labour Department: - Inspectorate Staff of Labour Department are DASS cadre officials who are drawn from various other departments of Government of Delhi for tenure of 2 to 3 years in Labour Department. These inspectors primarily perform field functions and examine various complaints received from workers and trade union members in various districts on day-to-day basis. Inspectorate Staff also conduct physical verification of workers in their respective establishments, checking of workers record and filing of challans under Minimum Wages Act 1948, Child Labour Act 1986 and other legislations against the defaulting employers in the Court of Metropolitan Magistrate.
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