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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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OPD Services

All the services provided in OPD LNH are free of cost. Some nominal charges are required for some special tests/investigations, but these are also free for poor patients. The following services are available in OPD LNH:

  1. Consultation / Examination of Patients by the Doctor

    Morning OPD
    Monday to Friday New Cases 8.30am to 11.00 am
    Old Cases 8.30am to 12 Noon
    Saturday & Sunday (For Senior Citizen) New Cases 8.30am to 11am
    Old Cases 8.30am to 11.30 am
    Afternoon Special Clinics
    Monday to Friday (For New & Old Cases) 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm

  2. Investigation Services:

    Patients area advised certain Lab. Tests, Malaria testing/ECG/X-Ray/Ultrasound etc. by doctors in OPD. These can be get it done from OPD as:

    1. For Lab. Tests patients are to be registered fresh  (9.00 am to 11.30 am) and then
    2. Blood Samples are taken in centralized Blood Lab collection from (9.00 am to 1.00 pm).
    3. For Malaria testing is done in Medicine OPD waiting hall.
    4. ECG is done in Room No. 16 in front of Medicine OPD.
    5. X-ray / Ultrasound done in Room No. 137 ( X- ray Deptt.)

    The reports of these investigations will be available from the respective OPDs which can be collected by patients on next visit.

  3. Pharmacy Service:

    Patients prescribed medicines form OPD can get these from the pharmacy which is situated on ground floor of Main OPD. Details of these available at website of Pharmacy.

  4. Injection / Immunization Services:

    1. For Paediatric Patients :- Room No. 505 fifth  floor Main OPD
    2. For General Patients :- Room No.21 ground floor main OPD

  5. Surgical Dressing Service:

    1. Male Dressing Room :- Room No. 731
    2. Female Dressing Room :- Room No. 731
    3. Surgical Minor O.T. :- Room No. 418

  6. Anti Rabies Center

    All Dog bite / Animal bite Patients are attended in Antirabies center, Room No. 21,ground Main OPD for consultation, vaccination and administeration of antirabies serum if required.The center runs from 9am to 4pm. Subsequently patients receive treatment in emergency ground floor after 4pm till 8am.

  7. Pre Anaesthesia Check Up (PAC)

    Runs on the first floor of main  OPD, Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4215

    HOD - Dr. U.C.Verma, Director Prof. HOD, Anaesthesia, MAMC

  8. ART Clinic, Voluntary Counselling and Testing Service (VCTC)

    sixth floor, Main OPD, A NACO project for patients to avail Antiretroviral Therapy, voluntary counselling regarding HIV Infection / AIDS. MOI/C Dr Anjali  Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4286

  9. DOTs Clinic for T.B.

    Gate No. 5 Main OPD, For Providing D.O.T.s services at T.B. clinic. - M.O.I/c - Dr. Ashwini Khanna, CMO(NFSG), Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4294

  10. Family Welfare Services

    These are available for both male and female patients:-

    • Room No. 47, First Floor, Main OPD : Male, M.O.I/c - Dr.             (M.O..) Extn. 4332
    • Room No. 177 Gynae & Obst. OPD : Female, M.O.I/c - Dr. Rachna Sharma Extn. 4216

  11. Dietary Service:

    Dietary Department is situated on the Ground Floor of Surgical Block Building

    M.O.I/c - , Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4270
    Sr. Dietician - , Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. - 4270

  12. Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services:

    These rehabilitation services are available in Orthopedics Block

    Incharge Physiotherapist :- Mrs.               , Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4211
    Incharge Occupational Therapist :- Mrs. Dhnawankar, Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4206

  13. D.G.E.H.S. Service :

    A GNCT Delhi Health Scheme for Govt. employees and retired officials for cashless Pharmacy service. In charge Officers :

    • Dr. P.S Bhandari( M.O.I./c)

    DGEHS Service ground floor,Main OPD, Ph. - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. - 4563

  14. Social Welfare Service:

    1. To Coordinate for Disability certificate, Railway concession certificate Room No. 105, Main OPD contact person Mrs. Rita Mehta, Medical Social Worker Extn. 4194.

    2. Medical Board / Disability Board / Medical Examination of Govt. Newly appointed recruit from Other departments of GNCTD allotted to L.N. Hospital, referred cases from Central & Rohini Jail - Room No. 112, D.M.S.(OPD) / Civil Surgeon Dr. Vikas Rampal.

    3. Disability Board is held on alternate Thursdays (Twice Per Month) from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm in Room No. 112for examination of physically disabled person of New Delhi District only allotted to LNH.

    4. Help Desk for Senior Citizen Room No. 105 Main OPD gate no. 4. A GNCT Delhi Programme for Senior Citizens Ph - 23232400, 23233400 Extn. 4194.

      Coordinator : Mrs.Rita Mehta, PRO

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