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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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The centre has the following departments:

Blood Bank


Contact Person Chief Casualty Medical Officer: Dr. R.S. Tolia
Contact No. Extn. No. 103, 104

Casualty ward is eight bedded with bedside facilities for suction, oxygen & defibrillation necessary for initial stablisation of trauma patients. Statistics: Approx. 35-40 patients including trauma patients attend casualty everyday. Approx. 15 patients of poly trauma (Trauma) are admitted each day.


Head of the Unit Dr. K.K. Gridhar(Senior Specialist)
Contact No. Extn.No. 203 Extn.No. 201 - ICU & Post-op. Extn. No. 216 - O.T

Profile of the Anaesthesia Deptt.

O.T, ICU, Gas Plant. O.T - Three Major O.Ts ,well equipped with latest Anaesthesia machine and inbuilt ventilators for mechanical ventilation & defibrillator machine. One Minor O.T located near casualty for minor surgical procedures. ICU- The ICU is six bedded, equipped with state of art ventilators for each bed. Central Monitoring System is available at nursing station in ICU. Central Medical Gas Supply is available for O.T, ICU & Casualty ward with back up system. Central Suction Station provides centralized pipe line suction facility to ICU, OT, Post-op ward, General Ward, Casualty & Minor O.T. PAC- pre anaesthetic check up services is provided by the specialists and relevant doctors to ensure optimum anaesthetic management in intra operative period.


Unit Incharge Dr. Veera Chowdhary, Specialist Radiology
Contact No. Extn.No. 115,117

Facilities available:

* X-rays (Including portable x-rays)
* Ultrasound with Colour Doppler
* CT Scan
* Image Intensifier (C-Arm ) installed in O.T
OPD services are provided for the follow up of discharge patients on Tuesdays & Fridays.


1. Approx .20,000 routine x-rays per year.
2. Approx. 6,000 Medico Legal X-ray cases per year.
3. Approx. 5,500 C.T's per year.
4. Approx. 600 Ultrasound & Colour Doppler cases per year.
5. Approx. 800 OT cases( with image intensifier) per year.


Unit Incharge Dr. Arun Kapoor Specialist (Surgery)
Contact No. Extn. 224

Admission facilities for trauma patients:

1. Biweekly OPD for trauma follow up.
2. 24 hours emergency operations on trauma patients.

Special services:

1. Management of Chest and Abdominal injuries.
2. Management of vascular injuries,
3. Management of Maxillo- Facial injuries.
4. Plastic & Reconstructive procedures,
5. Limb replantation surgery 



Senior Specialist & Incharge STC Dr. V.K.Goyal
Contact No.

All kinds of accidental /trauma cases involving upper and lower limb, spine, hip & knee injury are operated including spinal injury. Conducting research study on trauma cases to establish mode of injury & mode of treatment. OPD follow up clinic on Tuesday & Friday for those patients who have been operated at the centre. All kinds of orthopaedics operations are done here including spinal fixation, interlocking, nailing of femur & Tibia. Spinal fixation of cervical region as well as dorso-lumbar region. Hip & Knee replacement Statistics:

About 900 to 1100 cases per year of fracture limb are operated.

Neuro Surgery

Unit Incharge Dr. S.K. Gupta
Contact No. Extn. 204

Profile of the Unit:

1. About 2/3 beds of STC are occupied by neuro trauma patients.
2. Two days follow up clinic in a week i.e. Tuesday & Friday.
3. All cranio-cerebral & Spinal injury are performed including adult & Paediatric cases.
4. Head injury cases
5. Peripheral nerve injury
6. Spinal injury.Statistics:

*Jan to Dec. 2002
* Total admission- 3713
* Major operations-276
* OPD Attendance-220
* Minor operations-358

Blood Bank

Blood Transfusion Officer Dr.Anshu
Contact No. Extn. 404,406
The Blood Bank functions round the clock and provides tested blood to the patients admitted in Sushruta Trauma Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital and other adjoining hospitals.

The blood bank has facilities for:

Collection of blood from donors.
Storage of blood.
Testing of blood units for various infectious markers (HIV, HBV, HCV, MP & syphilis).
Distribution of blood /cross matching.


Lab is functional 24 hours. It has an ABG machine. The list of bio- chemical tests perform include:- Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Serum Electrolytes & ABG.

Pathological test includes:-

2. TLC
3. DLC
4. ESR
5. PCV
6. BT
7. CT
8. Urine R/M

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