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The ITI Pusa  library established in 1955. Gradually the  library collection grew to more than 4500 technical books of various trades /  subjects. The objective of the library is to support the Trainees of the ITI Pusa  by  providing access to information through books, newspapers and periodicals.

  Currently  Library has subscription of following newspapers and periodicals

  1. Times of India                                      4.   सरिता
  3. Hindustan Times                                  5.    प्रतियोगिता दर्पण                          
  5. Electronics for You                               6.    हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स

Besides above  following books are available for the reference of our Trainees.

Accss. No.AuthorTitle Quantity
1SPARKS    (NR) and DILLI (CC)Mechanical Refrigeration 1
2FABER    (OSCAR) AND  KELL (JR) Heating and air conditioning of buildings 1
3GILBERT Carpentry 1
4DEIGHTON(HAROLD) Art of lettering1
5ISSUSTRATED Y DIFF.AUTH.Practical painter and decorator 1
6INDIA EDUCATION (M.OF)Art education 1
7PAIN & DECT CONTS., PRE.& SPON Painting and decorating craftsman's mannual1
8HELLIS (FREDERICK) Pitman's business typewriting.19
9NEW DELHI ,LOKS.SECT.lLok Sabha debater1
10Pitman(isac)Shorthand Instructor and key25
11MOLLY(E),ED Electrical instruments meters & electronic control 1
13HOPEWOOD(H)AC Moter vindings 1
14WILKINSON (KARL) Rewinding    and repair of electric motor1
15MOLLY(E)Wiring circuits 1
16ILLUSTRATED BY DIFF. AUTHORElectric motor and generators 1
17MITCHELL (CJ) Manual of electrical techonology 1
18GIBBINS (EHH) PTL.Itroduction to electrical drawing 1
19SHAHANE Civil engineering drawing and design1
20MCKAY(WB)Building construction1
21Junnarkar(SB)Mechanics of structurer2
22KNIGHT (BERHARD H)servying and labling for students25
23DESHPAN DE(RS) AND VARTAK(GV)trealise on bulliding construction12
24PULL (E)workshop practice reviendry p.shoughlon15
25BRICK (ROBER TM) etc.structure and propar line of aloos by robort mbrick,robort  gorden ankur dilip15
26BWRGHARDT (HENRY D) etc.machine 1001 opration by hanrry de burghardt aron axelrod and james androson18
27DICKASON (A) calculation of phee matel work18
28LILLICO (J W)black sheet manual illustrated10
29SACKS (RAYMOND J)theory and practice of arc welding 6


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