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list for approval of death grant to widows of ex-servicemen
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Welcome to the Rajya Sainik Board
 The Rajya Sainik Board, Delhi has been established to promote welfare and  resettlement of ex-servicemen, war widows disabled ex-servicemen and  families of defence personnel belonging to the State.

 Processing Second World War Veteran Pension applications, issuing ex- servicemen Identity Cards, rendering employment assistance to ex-

servicemen,war widows/disabled ex-servicemen and to the members of the families of deceased Defence Service personnel are the main functions of these Boards.
Our Services
157 Cases of Financial Assistance to Ex-SM having Handicapped Children for the period from Jan to March 2015
Application for death grant to widows and next to kin of the ESM
Financial Assistance to Ex-servicemen, widow of Ex-servicemen
Financial Assistance to widow of ESM for higher studies of daughters - 2017
Financial Assistance to widow of ESM for higher studies of daughters - 2017-1
Funeral Grant to widow, NOK - 2017
Funeral Grant to Widow, NOK of ESM - 2016
Grand Cetizen Award to ESM - 2016
List of format for applying CASH GRANT - 2015
List of WW-II Veterns and Widows June 2105
Marriage Grant for daughters marriage to Widow of ESM
Merit scholarship to children of ESM - 2017
Merit Scholership to the wards of Ex-servicemen - 2016
Photographs of Armed Forces Flag Day Function - 2018
Rajya Sainik Board - Inviting Quotation for Printing Materials
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