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Creating a Civic Movement on Heritage In the City of Delhi
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Creating a Civic Movement on Heritage In the City of Delhi

Creating a Civic Movement on Heritage In the City of Delhi

Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation (SRDC) has launched an extremely successful initiative in creating a civic movement on Heritage in the city of Delhi under the enthusiastic support of the Honourable Chief Minister, Delhi. The various top officials associated with the corporation encouraged wide ranging heritage presentations in terms of events, walks and exhibitions.

Vision of Managing Director: Enthused with the idea of creating a movement on Heritage especially the Old City of Shahjahanabad Managing director communicates a spirit to all the team members    

Miles Stones: A Journey on Heritage - People’s Movement by SRDC

Heritage Events: Exhibition, and Heritage Walk: Introduction :  The Challenge to present Heritage in unique distinct ways to fire the imagination of local citizens, SRDC conceptualized presentation of heritage within theatrical canvases of dynamic cultural traditions. The Events communicated a multi- level comprehension of the richness and layered traditions of Heritage. The Events touched on spirit of people through heritage of buildings, of customs and storytelling of music, customs, and nuances that emerged in the city through centuries. Attended by the Hon’able Chief Minister, Delhi the successful objective of attracting a wide audience cutting across gender, class and religion attended and participated in the events.

Citizen groups ranging from school children, resident welfare associations, from construction labour, shop keepers, from grand parents to grand children, from top corporate executives, well known celebrities to house wives and populace from surround slums.

Photographic Exhibition and Painting Completion -History of Delhi from the times of Prithvi Raj Chauhan to Imperial Era -The painting competition Theme: "My Favourite Monument in Delhi”: About 200 Students from 17 Schools participated in the competition. Hon’able Chief Minister appreciated the efforts made by the students and awarded with certificates to the successful entries

Heritage of Grandmother’s Tales : Dadi Poti ki Kahaniyan  Venue – Tombs of Dadi Poti in Hauz Khaz ( an intergenerational  link program resource persons and special guests of honour included Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sushma Seth, Smt Manorama Jafa and performers of Bapuji ka Phad)

Music Symphony and Story on Kite Flying – The organization has contributed to the celebration of 100 years of Delhi in the Kite Flying Festival by creating the main stage and ambiance and presenting innovative cultural events at the inauguration  dastaan - e Patang Storytelling on kite flying tradition and Mosiqui e Patang a musical exposition on Kite flying.

Heritage Walks : Walking Stories on Delhi: A great success story of well designed and executed events alongside with exemplary communication strategy among several Heritage Walks in the City SRDC has had the greatest success within Seven months. SRDC Walks are laudable in reaching out to cross sections of people from mere 5 persons in the second walk to 200- 350 people attending each Walk.

The Walks are executed in Hindi and English so that the walks are inclusive in nature.Emphasis in the walks is given to educate the audience to keep the city clean as part of ‘Clean India’ Campaign.

The Span of Heritage Walks has covered several districts of Delhi under a variety of themes:

1. Parks and Gardens – Lodi Gardens and Coronation Park, Archaeological Park.                      

2. Sufi Tracks of – Qutub Sahab, Shjah Turkman, Hazrat Nizamuddin (These were accompanied by introduction and presentation of Sufi Music)                      

3. Forts - Purana Qila, Ferozabad, and Red Fort                      

4. Tombs – Humayun’s Tomb, Safdarjung Tomb                      

5. Gates of Delhi – Ajmeri Gate, Turkman Gate, Kashmeri Gate, Khooni Darwaza, Alai Darwaza and Qutub Minar.                      

6. Museums – Replica Museum,Sirifort.

Heritage Awareness Program in Delhi Schools

SRDC has trained over 500 school teachers covering 300 schools on understanding concept of Heritage, conducting Heritage Walks and executing heritage activities through heritage clubs.  The in house and in school training of teachers is a dynamic outreach program. This is in joint initiative with CBSE

SRDC has trained Community Heritage Walk Leaders to initiate community heritage walks.

Responses of Citizens:

Facebook Revolution on Heritage: Saving paper, time and resources SRDC has adopted E Social Media tool on internet to reach out to large number of people across the city information on invites and updates on Heritage Events, workshops and Walks. There are now over 750 people who have formally joined SRDC face book account. Various enthusiasts have posted comments, photographs, and suggestions.

Schools have started blogs, heritage clubs and heritage walks and events such as making films on heritage of Delhi.

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