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Guidelines for Licensing of Tour Operators/Travel Agents/ Excursion Agents/ Tourist Transport Operator as per rules 2(t) and 81 of Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993 as amended till date.

  1. Application for licensing shall be addressed to the Principal Secretary/Secretary (Tourism), Tourism Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. As and when tour operators apply for license Tourism Department will inform the concerned agencies and Delhi Police for giving necessary clearances/verification reports within a prescribed time. If required, Tourism Department will coordinate with other agencies & Delhi Police in case verification reports are not furnished in the given time.
  2. Separate drafts of Rs. 5000/- as license fee (non refundable) & Rs.10,000/- as Security Deposit (refundable) in the name of Principal Secretary/Secretary (Tourism), Govt. of NCT of Delhi have to be enclosed with the application form.
  3. The licensing of all tour operators / travel agents / excursion agents / tourist transport operators will be mandatory and no one can operate in NCT of Delhi without grant of license, irrespective of the size of business turnover.
  4. The application for grant of License shall be in the prescribed form TTO, as required under rule 81 of Delhi Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 1993.
  5. The licensee shall possess and maintain fully furnished office with adequate staff to attend the need of customer and to look after their luggage and shall maintain records containing complete particulars regarding names and addresses of the tourists, the fare collected from each of a group of travelers, the particulars of journeys and the particulars of the contract carriage for the journey and shall furnish to the licensing authority who issued the license, a monthly return showing particulars of contracts in the prescribed form, et.
  6. There should be a minimum of two staff out of which at least one should have Diploma/Degree in Travel and Tourism from recognized University/ITTM/Institution approved by AICTE or three years working experience in the travel and tourism industry. The academic qualifications may be relaxed in case of Airlines, Shipping, Transport, PR Agencies, Hotels and other corporate bodies and those who have experience with Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism approved Tour Operators.
  7. The applicant should have a Permanent Account No.(PAN) and should have Service Tax No., if already in business and shall file proof thereof alongwith latest Income Tax Return for the Current financial year.
  8. Tour Operators/Travel Agents/Excursion Agents / tourist transport operators already approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India will be taken on board and will be granted licenses by the Tourism Department, Govt. of Delhi. However, all tour operators/travel agents/excursion agents approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India will have to apply to Tourism Department Govt. of Delhi for license in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee. The Tourism Department, Govt. of Delhi will not insist on inspection at the time of grant of license as such inspection has already been carried out by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. The period of license will be as prescribed under the Delhi Motor Vehicle Rules 1993 or as per the approval granted by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India whichever is earlier. Tourism Department, Govt. of Delhi will evaluate the cases of renewal of licenses as per its own criteria/guidelines at the time of renewal of license. As regards new applicants not approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, inspections/evaluation will be done by Tourism Department as per its approved guidelines.
  9. The license shall be granted for five years and renewal thereof after every five years on the application of renewal submitted.
  10. License will be granted by the Tourism Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi to those Tour Operating Agencies whose offices are situated in Delhi (whether having Head Office or Independent Office at Delhi) and not outside Delhi.
  11. Deptt. may in their discretion refuse to license any firm or withdraw/withhold, at any time, the license already granted with the approval of the competent authority for reasons to be recorded in writing. The decision of the Principal Secretary (Tourism), Tourism Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi in the matter of licensing shall be final. However, before such a decision is taken, necessary Show Cause Notice will invariably be issued and the reply considered on merits.
  12. The applicant granted license shall be entitled to such incentives and concessions as may be granted by Government from time to time and shall abide by the terms and conditions of license as prescribed from time to time by the Tourism Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
  13. The Tour Operators will have to employ approved guides for the various protected monuments as per the approved guidelines of the concerned Government agency.
  14. The licensee shall not concern himself/herself either directly or indirectly with any vehicle that is not covered by a permit.
  15. The licensee shall behave in a civil and orderly manner with a passenger or passengers.
  16. No person shall hold more than one license effective to any person.
  17. The Licensing Authority may vary the conditions of license or attach new conditions(s) to such license anytime. However, any changes or amendments envisaged in the license agreement shall be with prior consultation of all stakeholders but final decision shall be that of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
  18. The Applicant shall not lend or transfer the license to any person.
  19. The Applicant shall undertake to maintain an office under the charge of a full time member who should be in a position to give accurate and up to date information.
  20. No agent or canvasser to whom the license is granted shall advertise in any newspaper, book list, classified directory or other publication unless, there is contained in such advertisement appearing in such newspaper, booklist, classified directory or other publication, the license number, the date of expiry of the license and the particulars of the authority which grated the incense.
  21. The Applicant shall maintain a complaint book which shall be produced at the time of renewal. The renewal shall be refused if there is any serious complaint.
  22. The applicant shall ensure safety of tourists and incase of any untoward incident concerning safety of tourists, the tour operator will inform the concerned authority and give all possible cooperation to such authorities for investigations into such incidents.
  23. The applicant shall submit a list of all drivers employed by him along with their Character/Antecedents certificate from the concerned District Police Authorities. In case of driver having PSV number than the same may be submitted in place of Character/Antecedent Certificate.


  1. Duly filled in Form TTO.
  2. Draft for Rs. 10,000/- as Security Deposit (Refundable).
  3. Draft for Rs. 5000/- as License Fee for Five Years (Non Refundable).
  4. Copy of approval of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, if approved by them.
  5. Copy of document showing status of applicant, i.e., proprietor, partnership firm, company etc.
  6. Copy of Registration Certificate.
  7. Copy of latest Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/c.
  8. Copy of Banker’s Certificate.
  9. Copy of last year Income Tax Return.
  10. Names of Directors/Partners Certified by Chartered Accountants (Auditors).
  11. Character and antecedent certificate of Sole proprietor (in case of proprietorship firm), all partners (in case of partnership firm), Managing Director (Chief Executive) (in case of a Company) from the district Police Authorities. In case character/antecedent certificate has not been obtained, acknowledged copy by the Police Authority on the application requesting for grant of the certificate may be attached to the Application. The words Applied for may be mentioned on the application in this case.
  12. Copy of PAN Card.
  13. Copy of Service Tax Registration.
  14. Qualification of Staff at least one staff member should have Degree/Diploma in travel/tourism from recognised university/IITTM/Institution approved by AICTE OR three years working experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry. Copy of the Certificate required with the application. The Academic qualifications may be relaxed in case of Airlines, Shipping, Transport, PR Agencies and those who have experience with MOT approved tour operators.
  15. Proof for promotional/publicity activities undertaken, if applicable.
  16. Proof for tie up with Airlines/Carriers with Registration No., if applicable.
  17. The office of the Tour Operator/Travel Agent etc. (either Head office or independent office but NOT branch office) should be situated in Delhi.
  18. Two Passport Size Photos of the owner.
  19. One photo of exterior of the office with sign board (post card size).
  20. Two-three photos of the interior of the office (post card size).

Performa for Monthly status Report

Application for a Licence as Travel Agent/Tour Operator/Excursion Agent/Tourist Transport Operator etc.

Application form for obtaining license for tour operators from Department of Tourism, GNCT of Delhi

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