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Promotion of Tourism – Delhi as destinations:
Production of Tourist Literature – Scrollers, Folders, Leaflets, Brochures, Guide Maps, Guide Books, CD's etc. and publicity through hoardings/airlines- (A) Out door publicity – Hoardings/Bill Boards/Window display/Unipole/Flex . Window display at Govt. Tourist Office, 88, Janpath of Deptt. of Tourism, Govt: of India to be utilized by Delhi Tourism for displaying Delhi as a tourist destination for the benefit of Tourist.

Production of maps : Delhi Tourism supports the production of Delhi maps. These maps are printed every three months and are very handy authentic guide to the city. This has a very extensive distribution and found in all the emporiums, airports hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes, tour operators offices. Delhi Tourism distributes through various conferences/marts. This is free of cost.

Welcome to India Guide.This is a coffee table book for business and leisure traveler. This is a high calibre hard cover book having stunning photography and rich editorial. The book provides the visitors with relevant accurate and interesting information.

Book on Trees:This book is being printed promoting Delhi as a new environment friendly city. The book highlights the trees of this capital city and treats the tourists to a new green zone.

Production of brochure on Heritage Trails:Around 30 monuments in dilapidated condition located in Mehrauli Archaeological Park were restored. Since 1997, Delhi Tourism has been engaged in collaboration with INTACH to conserve the monuments. As a part of this endeavour monuments like Quila-Khan's Tomb etc. have been conserved for future generation heritage. A heritage trail is also developed there. Heritage walks are regularly organized to attract citizens of Delhi and visitors and make the visit to these historical sites memorable.
Poster on Adventure Activities
Poster on Purana Quila Boating

Discover Delhi

The booklet comprising of 65 pages is of a compact size with quality cover and inside pages.  The various sections comprise of potraying Delhi as a city with an excellent infrastructure, encient history, Adventure sports, shopping, medical, spiritual, educational, golf. Publicity/banners/brouchures/bill boards etc.

To Promote the Tourist destination and other related Tourism activities be taken up from time to time:

Publicity through Print and Electronic Media:Delhi Tourism has a well planned advertising schedule which comprises advertising in magazines, planners, guide books. Radio also forms parts of the campaign during new launches etc. Extensive print publicity comprises advertising in tourism magazines like Trav Talk, hospitality India, the Deptt. of Tourism planners like Destination India by Cross Section, Incredible India, the Deptt. of Tourism news letter, school magazines, culture souvenirs, business magazines. All this ensures a clientele in all sections. Radio Spots also are best used as with the appropriate. images at regular intervals, it provides an effective reach .

Participation in national/international fairs/ conference/ marts/   convention /exhibitions:
India is one of the top four domestic tourism markets in the World. Indians traveling abroad spent over Rs. 80 billion in 2001 while domestic tourists spent over Rs. 550 billion. Over the year 1995-2001 period, it is the domestic tourist that kept the Indian Tourism Industry afloat. Since the fairs have a large participation of national tourism organizations dealing with overseas and outbound tours, airlines, destination marketers etc. , it has become imperative to participate in the marts to make the presence felt in the show and to interact.
International tourism events have been to further promote Delhi as a tourism destination and to showcase tourism activities of Delhi Tourism  at national and international platforms. The participation in these events helps in understanding the developing trends in the tourism industry and to interact with the leaders of the travel industry from various parts of the country as well as from other countries in national and international events respectively. The participation  in these events have also helped to have sustained, positive image of tourism development and promotion in the capital travelers by way of disseminating tourists information in these fairs and festival from time to time. The participation in national and international tourism events have helped in the strengthening of the technical competence and communication skill of the officials of the Corporation, which always remains an asset in a service industry, like tourism.Some of major fairs for national and international participations are IATO, TTF, ITM, TAAL, WTM, ITB, SATTE, PATA.

Organisation of Fairs and Festivals:
India has been enriched with its glorious heritage and cultural traditions, convention and moods, consisting unity in diversities. Fairs and festivals have unique ways of presenting the cultural glimpse of a region. They are helpful to show case the rich heritage, life style, festivities and cultural strength of a destination. Delhi has unique characteristics as this city has multiple culture diversity and influence of most of the religions and regions of India. The multiple culture and diversity of Delhi provides excellent opportunities to organize various fairs and festivals to promote cultural tourism in this capital city. Many of these festivals have the potential to attract the cultural connoisseur and tourists including foreign as well as domestic, besides providing entertainments to the local citizens.

Delhi Tourism has prepared a plan to organize such cultural events on monthly basis to project various interesting aspects of this capital city. The festivals to be organized   are kite flying festival, mango festival, chaudavin ka chand, chrysanthemum show, jahan-e-khusrau & dance festival, bhakti utsav, ananya festival , bonsai festival , garden tourism festival, sharad utsav .

To organise heritage walks in association with INTACH, Delhi Chapter as mentioned below:-


Shahjahanbad, the seventh planned city of Delhi was built by the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1638 and ten years later the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and surrounding residential areas were ready for occupation.

The street of Chandni Chowk has retained its glory and architectural significance in the 300 years history of the city. Amongst the heritage buildings, which stand on the street, are several important religious building-Mosques, Gurudwaras, Hindu and Jain temples and historical havelis.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park:
The Mehrauli Archaeological Park covers 100 acres of reserved forestland adjoining the World Heritage site of Qutub Minar. The site is of immense historical value as it has remains of different periods and the rare distinction of about 1000 years of continuous habitation form Lal Kot of the Tomer Rajputs to structures of British period.

Out of 65 unprotected heritage buildings in the area, INTACH Delhi Chapter in collaboration with Delhi Tourism   has restored 35 monuments and is also developing an Archaeological Park.

Lutyens Delhi:

A walk along the pathway designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens – from the Rashtrapati Bhawan to the Purana Quila, including Secretariat Building, India gate and the Canopy to the Lutyens Bungalow Zone.

ANMC -21:
Asian Network of Major Cities was set up in the year 2001 having Member Cities including Tokyo, Delhi Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Yongon. The annual meeting of ANMC takes place every year in one of its member cities. By now, these meetings have already taken place in Tokyo, Hanoi, Delhi and Jakarta. In order to have effective interaction with the Member Cities as well as to promote Delhi as tourist destination during the exhibition set up every year in different Asian cities, Delhi Tourism has been participating in these events. Recently, the exhibition set up in Jakarta highlighted the heritage, modern highlights, infrastructure facilities such as metro, flyovers, high capacity buses were showcased in the exhibition. Special promotion of medical care facilities and wellness tourism in Delhi was highlighted in ANMC exhibition (Jakarta).
The Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia (CPTA) has been set up by the Member Cities of ANMC. However only 8 member cities are the members of CPTA.  During the CPTA meeting, travel mart is also arranged by the participating city members. It also provides an opportunity for one to one meetings with the travel industry of the host city and ultimately provides a platform for promotion of tourism to Delhi.
The participation in ANMAC meeting/ ANMC exhibition and CPTA meeting/Travel Mart are two major Asia centric events and are helpful in the promotion of intra region tourism for which Delhi Tourism has been participating and proposed to continue its participations.

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