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 Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability.


All matters related to training are decided at the level of Head of the Department (HOD) or the Head of the Office (HOO) in consultation with the concerned Assistant Director/ Course Director.



Types of Decisions on Training related matters

Decision Making Authority


Finalisation of Training Programme in the Annual Calendar

Head of the Department


Approval of Special Training

Head of the Department


Acceptance of C.S. Schemes/ Projects and also from other organizations

Head of the Department


All drawing of  advance and expenditure sanctions for coordinating programmes

Head of the Department as per delegation of powers


Cancellation/ postponement/shortening of duration of training programme

Head of the Department


Finalization of course module and

Head of the Department


Finalization of guest faculty

Course Coordinator


All administrative and financial matters concerning the day to day functioning of the Directorate are submitted to the Head of the Department or Head of the Office for final decision as per their delegated powers. The matters are processed by the dealing assistants and routed to the Pr. Secretary (Training) through Branch Incharge and concerned Assistant Director.


Presently, since the post of Deputy Director (Training) is lying vacant, the files pertaining to Training Branch are being submitted in the channel as shown under:


Dealing Assistant ------->Course Coordinator/Assistant Director(Training)--------> Director (Training) ------->          Pr. Secretary (Training)


Files pertaining to other branches viz. Administration, Caretaking and Accounts are being submitted in the channel as shown under:


Dealing Assistant ---->concerned Branch Incharge -------> concerned Assistant Director ------> HOO ------>HOD ------> Pr. Secretary (Training)

Time Limit for decision making :

The Directorate of Training (UTCS) imparts training to the employees of the Government of NCT of Delhi, its Local and Autonomous Bodies/Corporations etc.Trainings conducted in the Directorate broadly comprises of Foundation Courses, Refresher Courses and Mid-career Courses. The training are conducted as per the schedule and Annual Training calendar. As no public service delivery is involved, No time limits for such are specified.  


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