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The Department has made the policy to disposed off all the applications for issue of  licence for manufacturer, repairer and dealer within 45 days if all the formalities has been completed and application for renewal of licences for manufacturer, repairer and dealers are to be disposed with in 45  days if the applicant have completed all the formalities and has furnished all the returns in the department about his activities during the past years.

Applications for registration as Packer, manufacturer and importer of packaged commodities are received in the concerned district offices of this Department and the registration will be done by the Department within 45 days of the date of receipt of the application if all the formalities are complete under the provisions contained in Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.  In case, the manufacturer/packer/importer which pre-packs or imports any commodity for sale, distribution or delivery fails to get itself registered under the above rule and prosecution is booked by the Department then the offence has to be compounded for which maximum fine prescribed under the Rules is Rs. 4000/- (Rupees Four Thousand only) per partner / Director of the firm/company as well as the firm/company itself. If the accused fails to get its offence compounded then the case is referred to the Courts of law.

Controller (LM) is the final authority in the matters of issue of licences and registration..


Three days i.e. Monday, Thursday and Saturday per week are fixed Laboratory days on which district offices receive weights, measures and weighing and measuring instruments for verification and stamping from the public which after counting and check are entered in the Gate Pass Register by the Manual Assistant and on payment of prescribed fee are verified and stamped by the inspector with the assistance of the Manual Assistant and verification / rejection certificate as the case may be issued for such items party wise. The daily in take of such items in big district offices is approximately 200 parties per day that is approximately 1000 items are verified /stamped in district offices per day. In addition to this district offices also receive applications for stamping of platform Weighing Machines, Electronic Weighing Balance Weigh Bridges Personal Weighing Machines, dispensing units of petrol pumps and newly manufactured weights, weighing and measuring instruments and such work is executed by inspectorate staff by going to the site where these instruments are installed.

Zonal / District Officer does the verification work of Weigh Bridges, newly manufactured items and dispensing units of Petrol Pumps, the work of verification of old Electronic Weighing Machines is entrusted to the JMAs and rest is done by Inspector Grade II and III in their respective area.

In Calibration Units the verification/stamping work of Tank Lorries, Proving Measures and Liquid Flow Meters is done by Inspector Grade-I / Zonal Officer with the assistance of Manual Assistant. The daily average of tank lorries being received for verification is six. As regards flow meters which are installed at Airport for transportation of aviation fuel, the work is executed at site of the oil company.

In Taxi Meter Unit Taxi/Auto fare meter are calibrated and verified by JMAs. In morning around 8.30 AM fare meters are received from the drivers of such vehicles and fees is received and there after these meters are put up on machines to see the accuracy and verification / rejection certificate is issued and after road try / checking these certificates are handed over to the respective drivers. There is one Manual Assistant who assists the JMAs. The average fare meter received per day is approximately 350.

Inspector Grade II and III after completing their laboratory work goes to markets where they inspect and check shops and book violators for prosecution. Grade-I Inspector inspect LPG Retail outlets Petrol Pumps and premises of Manufacturer and packers / importers of packages commodities.
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