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Delhi Parks and Gardens Society

Delhi has just 8% forest area that is more or less covered with greenery. While the State has about 20% green cover. For ecological sustainability one-third of total geographical area needs to be under green foliage cover in plains that applies to Delhi also.

There are more than 15000 parks and gardens in NCT spread in about 5000 ha in various locations through out Delhi.

Hence these parks and gardens, wide roadsides and central verges etc. have a wide scope to increase the area under green cover to fulfill the target of ecological sustenance.

At present these areas are managed by various agencies like MCD, DDA, NDMC, PWD, CPWD etc. A few of them are very well managed while many are not in good shape. Some of Resident Associations are very active in managing these parks while many others are less active resulting in their poor management.

To coordinate the management of parks and gardens in National Capital Territory Delhi State Govt. has formed a Society namely Delhi Parks and Garden Society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860.
1. Create a green environment in Delhi.
2. Identify vacant spaces and take up greening projects.
3. Work with local bodies to take up greening works in parks.
4. Take up projects for planting trees and shrubs in avenues.
5. Involve RWAs in maintaining parks and gardens.
6. Incentivise the NGOs in taking up greening activities.
7. Gives funds to RWAs and NGOs who are involved in greening activities.
8. Hold competitions to encourage greening.
9. Provide advice to others by engaging consultants
10. Maintain nurseries and parks on its own
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