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Ambient Air Quality

  Over the last four years, distinct improvement has been recorded in the ambient air quality of Delhi in terms of suspended particulate matter (SPM), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Oxides of Nitrogen (NO) and Lead. This was achieved through persistent efforts of phasing out old commercial vehicles, introduction of unleaded petrol and low Sulphur Diesel, extensive use of CNG based vehicles and increase in forest cover.


5 Automated Continuos Monitoring Stations have been installed by DPCC in the year 2010 for ambient quality monitoring as per new notified air quality standards.

Air Pollution sources are Transportation, Industries and Domestic air emissions
The Govt of Delhi has taken the following steps to ensure control of air pollution from vehicles:
  1. More than 15 year old commercial / transport vehicles have been phased out.
  2. Entire public transport has been switch over to CNG fuel mode (appx. 1,60,000).
  3. Implementation of Bharat Stage IV/Euro-IV emission norms.
Sulphur content in Diesel has been reduced upto 50 PPM sinsce April 2010.
500 PUCs being linked on the net so that daily reports can be downloaded & monitoring can be done.
Air Ambience Fund has been created by levying fee on the sale of diesel at the rate of Re. 0.25 per liter in the NCT of Delhi. The Air Ambience Fund is utilized for promoting clean technologies.
VAT refund of 12.5% allowed for conversion of vehicles to clean fuel like CNG
Use of Battery operated Vehicles having zero tailpipe emissions are being given concessions upto 30% of the price of the vehicles.
Gas based Power Plants are being promoted.
Whole of Delhi declared as air pollution control area under Air Act.
Stringent emission norms for industries and thermal power stations
Installation of Emission Control System in air polluting industries
Burning of leaves/plastics is prohibited
Use of 5 KVA or more capacity of DG set is prohibited from 10 PM to 6AM except in group housing societies. Also, acoustic enclosure has been made mandatory in DG sets
6000 cell phone towers and 600 Nursing Homes have been asked to provide acoustic enclosure and proper stack height in DG sets.
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